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Report State Vehicle Abuse

The State of New Hampshire's motor vehicle fleet is very diversified to meet the business requirements of all of the State's Agencies and Departments. Any and all use of State owned vehicles is restricted to official business use only.

The State of New Hampshire is committed to energy conservation as part of its facility and fleet vehicle management responsibilities. Initiatives and Pilot Programs are proactively seeking to increase fleet efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and operating costs.

Identifying methods to improve its preventative maintenance program

  • Consideration of fuel efficiency rating when purchasing fleet vehicles
  • Encouraging employees to ride-share when possible
  • Increasing employee awareness of fuel efficiency procedures
  • Monitoring fuel efficiency by utilizing reports available through the new Agency quarterly fleet reports
  • Monitoring and evaluating transportation options such as fleet pooling and leasing

Reporting State Vehicle Abuse

If you observe abuse or misuse of a New Hampshire state government vehicle, we want to hear from you.

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