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This page provides links to and information on the following: Workers Compensation, Wage Claims, Safety Summary Forms, Mandatory Posters, Approved Leasing Companies, E-mail/News Alerts from the NH Department of Labor, and Whistleblower Protection Complaint Form.

Safety Summary Form

Every company doing business in NH with 15 or more employees is required to file a safety summary form with the NHDOL. This is a 10-question form that is reviewed by our safety inspectors to ensure these companies are thinking about safety issues and have the proper program in place to deal with them.

Request for Payment of Wages Other than Weekly

An employer can request permission to pay employees less frequently than weekly, i.e., bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly, they can access the online request form at

Mandatory Posters

  • NH State laws and federal laws require businesses to post certain posters in the work place. This link provides access to all the NH Department of Labor required posters, available for download, and helpful links to other state and federal posters.

Email Alerts/News

  • This page allows all visitors to the website to subscribe to email alerts and news regarding the NHDOL. | privacy policy | accessibility policy | site map | contact us Copyright (c) State of New Hampshire, 2012