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NH at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Participants, Presenters & Staff

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Key: Participants who only attended the 1999 Smithsonian Folklife Festival are displayed with "*"
Participants who only attended the 2000 Celebrate NH Festival are displayed with "+"

Musical Traditions

back to topAfrican-American Gospel & Spirituals

  • Wilmerlee Findlay, pianist/vocals; Amherst
  • Minister Lydia Mann, vocals; Manchester
  • Minister Olga Tines, vocals; Nashua

back to topContra Dance, Country Dance & Square Dance Music

Blake Mountain Band

  • David Bradley, bassist; Woodstock
  • Lester Bradley, guitarist/caller; Thornton
  • Ginny Loring, pianist; Campton +
  • George Loring, guitar; Campton +

Old New England

  • Bob McQuillen, pianist; Peterborough
  • Jane Orzechowski, fiddler; Newport
  • Deanna Stiles, flutist; Deerfield

Two Fiddles

  • Dudley Laufman, fiddler/caller; Canterbury
  • Jacqueline Laufman, fiddler; Canterbury
  • Laura Gilman, fiddler; Canterbury

back to topIndividual Musicians & Dance Callers

  • Mary DesRosiers, contra dance caller; Harrisville
  • R.P. Hale, musician; Concord +
  • Rodney Miller, fiddler; Antrim
  • David Millstone, contra dance caller; Lebanon
  • Sylvia Miskoe, accordionist; Concord
  • Jared Moreau, fiddler; Dover +
  • Francis Orzechowski, pianist; Newport
  • Conor Sleith, fiddler; Harrisville +
  • David Surrette, guitarist; Portsmouth
  • Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki, fiddler; Canterbury
  • Harvey Tolman, fiddler; Nelson
  • Ryan Thomson, fiddler & guitarist; Newmarket
  • Timm Triplett, pianist; Newmarket
  • Steve Zakon-Anderson, contra dance caller; Hancock
  • Bill Zecker, fiddler/guitarist/pianist; Durham

back to topFranco-American Music

  • Elwin "Shorty" Boulet, bones player; Whitefield
  • Alan Cote, soiree singer; Auburn
  • Fabienne Cote, soiree singer/accordionist; Londonderry
  • Rick Cote, soiree singer; Londonderry
  • Anne (Cote) McManus; soiree singer; Londonderry
  • Monica (Cote) Porter; soiree singer; Concord
  • Earl Porter, guitarist; Concord +
  • Wilson Langlois, fiddler; Nashua +
  • Rejeanne Letourneau, soiree singer; Rochester
  • Maria Perreault, soiree singer; Rochester +
  • Gary Pomerleau, fidder; Rochester
  • Joe Pomerleau, fiddler; Rochester
  • Henry Riendeau, fiddler; Rochester
  • Larry Riendeau, fiddler; Rochester
  • Richard Riendeau, guitar & fiddler; Berlin +
  • Lucie Therrien, songs; Portsmouth
  • Jeanne Trepanier, soiree singer; Rochester

back to topIrish Music & Dance

  • Sarah Bauhan, flutist; Dublin
  • Alana Callendrello, step & ceili dancer; Exeter +
  • Regina Delaney, harpist/vocals/step and ceili dancer; Exeter
  • Micheal Serpa, bodran/whistle player; Ossipee
  • Jake Stewart, fiddler; Bow

back to topKlezmer Music

The Raymond Street Klezmer Band

  • Sandra Dickens, vocals, Nashua
  • Nelson Frisselle, percussionist; Manchester
  • Alan Green, clarinetist/vocals; Nashua
  • Ruth Winer Harris, accordionist; Hollis
  • Alan Karlsberg, clarinetist/saxophonist; Nashua
  • Frederick Malkin, pianist/vocals; Londonderry
  • Bruce Smith, bassist; Merrimack

back to topMexican Music

  • Bernardo Guzman, guitarist/vocals; Somersworth
  • Bernardo F. Guzman, vocals; Somersworth
  • Maria Guzman, vocals; Somersworth
  • Monica Guzman, vocals; Somersworth

back to topPolish Music & Dance

  • Daniel Blajda, fiddler; Manchester
  • Michael Oliszczak, fiddler; Manchester
  • Gary Sredzienski, accordionist; Greenland

back to topScottish & Cape Breton Music & Dance

  • Brendan Carey Block, fiddler; Antrim +

New Hampshire School for Scottish Arts – Manchester

  • Megan Marsh, step dancer
  • Maggie Meffen, step dancer
  • Gordon Webster, bagpiper
  • Lezlie Webster, bagpiper

Crafts, Occupations & Food

back to topTheme: Home, Town & Community

Sub-Theme: Comfort in the Home

  • Lisa Carpenter, decorative painter; Barrington
  • Karen Cook, spinner & knitter; Grantham
  • Vivian Eastman, quilter; Glen
  • Barbara Fisher, rug braider; Mount Sunapee
  • Dona Larsen, Norwegian knitter; Berlin
  • Daithi Martin, spinner; Concord
  • Dorothy Towle, quilter/rug hooker; Intervale
  • Sandra Yacek, wreath maker; Milan
  • Wayne Yacek, gardener/toolmaker; Milan

Sub-Theme: Images of Community

  • Andre Belanger, sign maker; Berlin
  • Jairo Gil, Colombian casa woodcarver; Manchester
  • Sara Glines, doll maker; Randolph
  • Greg Glines, assistant doll maker; Randolph

Sub-Theme: Crafts of Worship and Celebration

  • Marjorie "Moocho" Salomon, tallitot weaver; Bethlehem
  • Galina Tregubov, Russian Orthodox icon embroiderer; Claremont
  • Kung Tai Tsay, Chinese knot tier; Nashua

Sub-Theme: Our Shared Border – Franco American Traditions

  • Albert Hamel, genealogist; Chester
  • Constance Hamel, genealogist, Chester
  • Gerald Brunnelle, woodcarver; Laconia
  • Reverend Bob Morin, woodcarver; Berlin
  • Edmond Demers, woodcarver; Farmington +

Sub-Theme: Community Voice – Political Traditions in New Hampshire

  • Georgi Hippauf; Nashua
  • Donna Soucy; Manchester *
  • Trina Purcell, Concord +

Sub-Theme: Hearth & Home – Foodways Traditions

  • Chrysanthe Nagios, Greek cook; Bedford
  • Rebecca Parker, Yankee cook; Randolph
  • Helen Pervanas, Greek cook; Bedford
  • Estelle Gamache Ross, Franco-American cook

back to topTheme: Seasonal Work & Recreation

Sub-Theme: Weather

  • Barry Keim, Climate Change Research Center, University of New Hampshire; Durham
  • Greg Zielinski, Glacier Research Group, University of New Hampshire; Durham

Sub-Theme: Spring

  • Tim Levesque, Appalachian Mountain Club; Jackson
  • Peter Limmer III, hiking-boot maker; Intervale
  • Clare Long, Appalachian Mountain Club; Glen
  • Chris Thayer, Appalachian Mountain Club; Jackson

Sub-Theme: Summer Camp

  • Dotty Burrows, children's activities; Center Ossipee
  • Lynn Garland, Cooperative Extension & 4H; Brentwood
  • Lisa Kelly, farm crafts & children's activities; Westmoreland +

Sub-Theme: Fall

  • Mark Favorite, fly tier; Rochester
  • Fred Kretchman, rod maker; Nashua
  • Ryan Nicholson, assistant flintlock rifle builder; Contoocook
  • David Price, flintlock rifle builder; Contoocook
  • Jay Trayner, canoe builder; Warner

Sub-Theme: Winter

  • Scott Barthold, snow-making technology - Sno.matic Controls and Engineering, Inc.; Lebanon *
  • Treflee Bolduc, snow shoe maker; Conway +
  • Charles Coffin, ice fishing; Rumney +
  • Paul Doherty, snowmobiler; Gorham *
  • Walter Elander, ski resort design –; Littleton
  • Ken Hammerle, ski resort design –; Littleton
  • George Lemerise, ski search and rescuer – Attitash Bear peak; Jackson
  • Joel Nordholm, dog sled maker; Tilton
  • Matthew Purcell, snow making technology – Sno.matic Controls and Engineering, Inc; Lebanon
  • Alan Smith, snowmobiling; Concord +
  • Henri Valliancourt, snowshoe making; Greenville
  • Bruno Vallieres, ski-slope groomer – Attitash Bear peak; North Conway

back to topTheme: Ingenuity & Enterprise

Sub-Theme: Craft Guilds

  • League of New Hampshire Craftsmen
  • Fred Dolan, decoy carver; Strafford
  • Anne Winterling, rug hooker; Concord

Sub-Theme: Furniture Masters

  • Omar Clairmont, furniture maker; Gilmanton
  • David Lamb, furniture maker; Canterbury
  • Russell Pope, blacksmith; Newmarket
  • Jonathan Siegel, furniture maker; Franklin

Sub-Theme: Hearts to God, Hands to Work – Shaker Crafts in New Hampshire

  • Steve Allman, oval box maker; Canterbury
  • Barbara Beeler, oval box maker; Contoocook
  • Norma Badger George, Shaker poplarware maker; Concord
  • Robert Verity, Shaker broom maker; Bradford +

Sub-Theme: Business & Community

  • Arthur Anderson, loom maker – Harrisville Designs; Marlow
  • Terry Lontine, cooper – Spaulding & Frost; Newton *
  • Polly Pinkham, firefighting suit maker – Globe Firefighting Suits; Northwood
  • Rob Roy Robb, weaver; Laconia

Sub-Theme: Business & Family

  • Betty Blanchard, chair reseater; Concord
  • Peter Blanchard, chair reseater; Concord
  • Bob Taylor, welder; Alstead
  • Jim Taylor, welder; Alstead
  • Newt Washburn, ash basket maker; Bethlehem

Sub-Theme: Innovation & Invention

  • Bill Latva, precision machinist; Sunapee
  • Charles Lawrence, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard; Stratham *
  • E.D. Miller, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard; Stratham *
  • Christopher Hill Morse, etching; Grafton
  • Dave Packard, precision machinist; Hillsboro *
  • Adam Taylor, precision machinist; Claremont
  • Frank E. Wiggins, precision machinist; Guild

back to topTheme: Farm, Forest, Mountain & Sea

Sub-Theme: Farming

  • Richard Dionne, beekeeper; Hudson +
  • Mary Ellen Hutchinson, maple sugaring/apple orchards; Canterbury
  • Roy Hutchinson, maple sugaring/apple orchards; Canterbury
  • Alden Marshall, orchard keeper; Hudson
  • Betty Moulton, maple sugaring/dairy farmer; New Hampton
  • Robert Moulton, maple sugaring; dairy farmer; New Hampton
  • Hank Peterson, apple orchards; Londonderry
  • Peter Wagner, apple grower; Hampton *

Sub-Theme: Skills & Crafts of Work Animals

  • Bob Boynton, yoke maker; Dunbarton
  • Hugh Fifield, draft horse worker/storyteller; Canterbury
  • Bob Graves, oxen teamster/dairy farmer; Walpole
  • David Kennard, sheepdog trainer; Harrisville
  • Colin Kennard, assistant sheep dog trainer; Harrisville
  • Cliff McGinnis, draft horse worker/veterinary medicine; Pembroke
  • Brian Patten, oxen teamster; Springfield +
  • Kim Patten, oxen teamster; Springfield +
  • Andy Westover, working steers; Walpole
  • Leah Wilson, working steers; Walpole

Sub-Theme: Forest & Lumber Traditions

  • Tom Chrisenton, tree farm/forestry management; Lyndeborough
  • Ginny Chrisenton, tree farm/forestry management; Lyndeborough
  • Doug Jackson, sawmill operator; Prospect, ME
  • Barry Kelley, sawmill management; Berlin
  • Stan Knowles, tree farm inspector; North Hampton
  • Brian Lamarre, chainsaw carving; Shelburne

Sub-Theme: The Arts of Historic Restoration

  • David Adams, historic buildings conservationist; Portsmouth
  • Arnold Graton, Sr., covered bridge conservationist; Concord
  • Arnold Graton, Jr., covered bridge conservationist; Ashland
  • Austin Graton, Sr., covered bridge conservationist; Ashland
  • Austin Graton, Jr., covered bridge conservationist; Plymouth
  • Stephen Roy, historic buildings conservationist; Portsmouth

Sub-Theme: Timber Framing

  • Tedd Benson, timber framer; Alstead *
  • Joel McCarty, timber framer; Alstead
  • Tom Southworth, timber framer; Lancaster +

Sub-Theme: Granite & Stone:

  • Doug Faxon, stone wall builder; Walpole
  • Kevin Fife, stone wall builder; Northfield
  • Hans Kaufhold, monument carver; Peterborough
  • Niels Neilsen, Old Man of the Mountain maintenance; Belmont +
  • David Neilson, Old Man of the Mountain maintenance; Belmont +

Sub-Theme: Maritime Traditions:

  • Jim Antanavich, Sr., gill net maker; Seabrook *
  • Trudy Antanavich, gill net maker; Seabrook *
  • Nate Hanscom, lobster fisherman; Rye
  • Mike Kozlowski, lobster fisherman; Rye
  • Brenda Robichaud, gill net maker; Gonic +
  • Robert Robichaud, gill net maker; Gonic +
  • Arthur Splaine, lobster fisherman; Rye
  • Carl Widen, lobster fisherman; Rye
  • Carol Ann Widen, lobster fisherman; Rye

back to topPresenters

(Folklorists & Community Scholars who assisted tradition bearers with presentations):

  • Jack Beard, music; Candia
  • Lynn Bly, foodways, Concord
  • Betty Belanus, foodways, Washington, DC
  • Drew Conroy, oxen; Berwick (ME) +
  • JB Cullen, forestry; Concord
  • Linda Dolan, decoy carving; Strafford
  • Burt Feintuch, music; Portsmouth
  • Stephanie Gardner, canoe building; Warner
  • Sue Hawkins, crafts; Lancaster
  • John Hutton, oxen & draft horses; Stratham
  • Susan Jasse, foodways; Walpole
  • Roberta Kaufhold, stone cutting; Peterborough
  • Lynn Martin (Graton), music; Concord
  • Louis Mazzari, ingenuity & enterprise; Medford, MA
  • Kathy Neustadt, foodways; Lexington, MA
  • Julien Olivier, Franco-American traditions; Barrington
  • Derek Owen, stone; Hopkinton
  • Esther Price, flintlock gun building; Contoocook
  • Diane Souther, foodways; Concord
  • Andrew Stewart, music; Enfield
  • Jeff Warner, ,music; Portsmouth +
  • Patryc Wiggins, precision machining; Newport

The 2000 Celebrate New Hampshire Festival was an expanded recreation of the New Hampshire program for the 1999 Smithsonian Folklife Festival. A variety of new organizations and individuals concerned with New Hampshire's cultural heritage joined the event. A listing follows:

back to topNew Themes for Celebrate New Hampshire Festival

Celebrate Our History:

  • Concord Coach Society
  • Flying Yankee
  • Girl Scouts of Swift Water Council
  • Heritage New Hampshire
  • Winnipesaukee Antiques Association
  • Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum
  • New Hampshire Farm Museum
  • Fort @ No. 4 Associates
  • R.P. Hale

back to topPartnerships for Community Service:

  • Citizens for New Hampshire
  • Land & Community Heritage
  • Department of Resources & Economic Development
  • NHDES & Governor's Office of Energy and Community Services
  • New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources
  • New Hampshire Office of State Planning
  • New Hampshire Department of Transportation
  • New Hampshire State Prison for Women
  • New Hampshire State Prison for Men
  • New Hampshire Conservation Partnership
  • New Hampshire Department of Agriculture
  • New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom
  • Granite State Dairy Promotion
  • University of New Hampshire
  • New Hampshire Sweepstakes Commission
  • UNH Cooperative Extension
  • New Hampshire College & University Council

back to topExhibitors & Organizations Integrated into the major theme areas from 1999 Festival:

Seasonal Work & Recreation:

  • New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
  • New Hampshire Wildlife Federation
  • Ski New Hampshire
  • Search and Rescue Groups in New Hampshire

Farm, Forest, Mountain & Sea:

  • New Hampshire Christmas Tree Promotion Board
  • New Hampshire State Grange
  • New Hampshire Tree Farm Program
  • Society of New Hampshire Foresters
  • UNH Cooperative Extension Forestry & Wildlife Program

Ingenuity & Enterprise:

  • Academy of Applied Science
  • The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen

back to topSpecial Event Performers (evening concerts & day-time):

  • Angel Band
  • Tom Burrack
  • D'accord
  • Carolyn Parrott
  • Enfield Shaker Singers
  • Femme`amie
  • Kevin Koo
  • Lamprey River Band
  • McGonagle School of Irish Dance
  • Hawkeye Express - The Hopkinton Middle School Jazz Band
  • Newmarket Laotian Ensemble
  • Northern Spy
  • Shaw Brothers
  • Smoked Kielbasa Emergency Polka Unit
  • Special Guest from Quebec: Luc Bosse
  • R Brothers
  • Ryan Thompson
  • "On Stage"
  • Justine Paul
  • Power of the Past
  • Strings N' Things
  • Josee Vachon
  • Ziema Krakowska Polish Folk Dance Company

back to topTown Bands:

  • Hopkinton Town Band
  • Kearsarge Community Band
  • Nevers Band
  • Temple Band
  • Upper Valley Community Band
  • Windham Community Band

back to topOthers Special Presentations:

  • Hopkinton Friends of Fire King 2
  • New Hampshire Writer's Project
  • North American Class C Firemen's Muster Association
  • Spoof Gambling Circus
  • Woodsmen's Demonstration by Ed Naile
  • Woodsmen's Demonstration by Don Quigley and Granite State Lumberjack Association

back to topAnimal Presentations:

  • Carroll County Kennel Club
  • Draft Horse & Pony Association
  • 4-H Working Steers
  • Governor's Horse Guards
  • New Hampshire Dairy Goat Association
  • New Hampshire 4-H
  • Dairy Goats New Hampshire
  • State Police Canines

back to topFoodways:

  • Tom Curren – Bean Hole Beans

back to topWorkshop Instructors:

  • Art Anderson, Wooden Toys
  • Todd Aubertin, Native American Flutes
  • Peter Blanchard, Chair Reseating
  • Elwin "Shorty" Boulet, Franco-American Bones Playing
  • Fred Dolan, Duck Decoys
  • Mark Favorite, Fly Tying
  • Sara Glines, Doll Making
  • Robert Holzhauser, Bow Making
  • Christopher Hill Morse, Engraving
  • Alice Ogden, Black Ash Wall Baskets
  • Carolyn Parrott, Singing
  • Lucie Therrien, Frano-American Culture, History & Music
  • Pam Weeks Worthen, Quilting
  • Sandra Ann Yacek, Wreathmaking

back to topMajor Staff for 1999 Smithsonian Folklife Festival – June 23 to July 4, 1999:

  • Director Smithsonian Center for Folklife & Cultural Studies – Dr. Richard Kurin
  • Deputy Director – Dr. Richard Kennedy
  • Festival Director – Diana Parker
  • Administrative Officer – Barbara Strickland
  • Festival Curators – Dr. Betty Belanus and Lynn Martin (Graton)
  • Technical Director – Pete Reiniger
  • Program Coordinator – Arlene Reiniger
  • Designer – Kristen Fernekes
  • Art Director – Kenn Shrader
  • Archivist – Jeffrey Place
  • Assistant Archivist – Stephanie Smith

back to topMajor Staff for 2000 Celebrate New Hampshire Festival – June 7 to 11, 2000:

  • Festival Director – John Gfroerer
  • Curator – Lynn Martin Graton
  • Technical Director – Gary Crane
  • Program Coordinator – Jennifer McLean
  • Hopkinton State Fairgrounds Site Coordinator – Alan Hardy
  • Designer – Nikki Bonenfant (Savramis) Good Idea Design & Marketing Group
  • Consulting provided by Smithsonian Institution Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage

back to topOrganizations Assisting with Festival Production:

  • Festival Information – New Hampshire Division of Travel & Tourism Development

Festival Volunteers:

  • Granite State Ambassadors
  • New Hampshire Department of Corrections
  • New Hampshire Office of Volunteerism

The Festival Presentations were underwritten by public and private funds and overseen by:

  • New Hampshire Commission on the Smithsonian Folklife Festival (1997-2001):
    • Chairman – Merv Stevens
  • Department of Cultural Resources:
    • Commissioner Van McLeod
  • New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, Department of Cultural Resources:
    • Chairman – Chris Dwyer
    • Director – Rebecca L. Lawrence

Celebrate New Hampshire Culture (1997-2002):, affiliated non-profit organization that spearheaded fundraising and served as fiscal agent for the Smithsonian and Celebrate New Hampshire festivals

  • Director during preparations for the 1999 Smithsonian Folklife Festival – Rona Zlokower
  • Director during preparations for the 2000 Celebrate New Hampshire Culture festival – Michael Chaney
  • Chairman – Van McLeod

Private Funders:

Presenting sponsor – Bell Atlantic (Verizon). Other major sponsors – Fleet Bank NH; Healthsource NH, A CIGNA Healthcare Company; Public Service of New Hampshire; Sanders, A Lockeed Martin Company; Tyco International Ltd.; Fidelity Investments; Fisher Scientific International Inc.; The Recording Industries Music Performance Trust Funds, and the New Hampshire National Guard.

For a complete listing of staff, Board members, Commission members, and others, contact the Traditional Arts Program of the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.

New Hampshire State Council on the Arts
19 Pillsbury Street - 1st Floor, Concord, NH 03301