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Heritage Arts Build-A-Picture – Teacher's
Questions for Students to Create Special Reports

After you finish doing interviews, you can do more research on the tradition. Then you can think about what you have learned and prepare a report. The report can written with pictures or something you tell your class about.

Before you start, think about the word "heritage." Heritage is what we inherit from the people who come before us - from our parents, grand parents, and the generations before them. Usually, we think of inheriting things like jewelry or money. But we can also inherit ways of doing things like making crafts, making music, and dancing. These are traditional arts. We can also call them "heritage arts." They are like the roots of a tree. They help stay connected to the people before us and give us strength to keep growing.

Here are some ideas for preparing your report:

  • What tradition did you learn about?
  • How did the tradition get started?
  • How long has the tradition been going on?
  • Who did you interview?
  • How long has that person (or people) been involved in the tradition?
  • Why is this tradition important to the person you interviewed?
  • Do you think the tradition is an important part of New Hampshire's heritage? Why?

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