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Permit Information

State Parks

The New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation requires a Special Use Permit for filming, photography or recording activities intended for commercial use and conducted by commercial or professional filming, photography and recording studios, companies and businesses. (PART 7403.01 (h), Parks Administrative Rules)

State Roads and Highways

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation requires a "Parade Permit" for activities on the state highway system. (Under provisions of RSA 286:2 and RSA 236:1)

State House Grounds

  • State House Grounds Special Event Application PDF
  • No fee to submit application.
  • Must be submitted at least 5 business days from the day of event.
  • Permits are issued through the Department of Administrative Services directly.
  • State House interior requests must be directed to and approved by both the offices of the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate.

Signing Location Agreements or Release Forms

The State considers an approved, issued special use permit to be your legal authority to use the state locations and images in your project in perpetuity. The special use permit takes the place, in most instances, of a production company's location agreement or release form.

Any contractual agreements beyond the special use permits stated above will need to go through an approval process that will include the impacted agency, the Attorney General's Office, and the Executive Council. Contract agreements with an agency will also require the production company to register with the Secretary of State's Office as a company able to transact business in New Hampshire.

Local Towns/Cities

Permitting on public land at the local level is done directly through the municipality in which you are looking to film. Every city/town handles filming requests differently and we encourage you to contact us to find out which local department or administrator would be the best contact for permit inquiries.

White Mountain National Forest

  • The summit of Mount Washington and its surrounding 59 acres of land make up Mount Washington State Park. Special Use Permits are issued through the Division of Parks and Recreation.
  • Any commercial photographic activity on the land beyond Mount Washington State Park and within the White Mountain National Forest falls under the federal jurisdiction of the White Mountain National Forest and the USDA Forest Service. Guidelines and permit applications can be found at www.fs.usda.gov/main/whitemountain/passes-permits/event-commercial.
  • The Mount Washington Auto Road provides access to the summit and several overlook points along the way. The Auto Road is open to private vehicles from early May to late October (please call ahead to confirm.) Access to the mountain is also available via an all-wheel drive, 4-track, 9-passenger SnowCoach (weather permitting). The Mount Washington Auto Road is privately owned and operated, and use of the Auto Road during the winter months will need be coordinated with the operators directly. Contact the Mount Washington Auto Road at 603-466-3988. This applies to the Auto Road only, any filming on land beyond the Auto Road will still need to be permitted through the Division of Parks and Recreation or the White Mountain National Forest.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office at 603-271-2220 or film@nh.gov.

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