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2014: Senate Bill 367 - Transportation Funding for New Hampshire
Interstate 93 Paving

In 2014 the NH House and Senate approved a plan to raise the Road Toll by 4.2 cents per gallon and apply the money raised to the I-93 Expansion, and critical road and bridge projects across the State. The plan is working and the NHDOT is making great progress.



Senate Bill 367 raises approximately $34M per year - Where does the money go?

Most of the money has gone, or will be going directly to:

This table lists all of the bridge projects by Town and includes costs and schedule information.

Some of money has gone to pay debt service on the Transportation Infrastructure Finance Innovation Act (TIFIA) loan. What is TIFIA?

The following "Flow of Funds" explains this in more detail.

The Flow of Funds - SB 367 Funds Total Estimated Revenue: $34M per year.
Municipal Block
Grant Aid
Per RSA 235:5 and Apportinment (RSA 260:23), 12% of the preceding fiscal year revenues go into this program. Approximately $4M per year.
TIFIA Debt Service Interest only ranging from $0.3M to $2.2M from 2016-2025, and principal and interest payments of $23M from 2026-2034.
State Aid for Municipal Bridges $6.8M from 2016 to 2034.
TIFIA Pledge Paving and Bridge Repair Ranging from $15.2M to $22.6M from 2016 to 2025.

Background Information

What is Senate Bill 367?

Enacted into law in 2014, Senate Bill 367 addressed several important transportation issues. It eliminated certain ramp tolls on the Everett Turnpike; it established a committee to study the effectiveness of the NHDOT; and it raised the road toll (gas tax) by 4.2 cents per gallon to pay for the widening of Interstate I-93 and other critical road and bridge projects across the state. This is the first increase in New Hampshire's state road toll since 1991 and became effective on July 1, 2014. The tax and program will end in 2034.

The Projects

Projects include reconstruction and resurfacing of secondary roadways, bridge repairs on DOT owned bridges, municipal bridges, and Interstate 93. For specific information on the I-93 projects under construction please review the fact sheets for each project: 14633B, 14633D, 14633H, and 14633I.

The Revenue

The program is expected to generate approximately $34M per year in revenue starting in Fiscal Year 2015. Known formally as the “road toll” this increased revenue from motor fuel sales will be dedicated to infrastructure investments.

red list bridge

New revenues will fund
work on red-listed
municipal bridges.

Innovative Financing

Transportation Infrastructure Finance Innovation Act (TIFIA).

In 2016 the NHDOT secured a low interest rate loan (1.09%) from the US Department of Transportation which leverages the SB 367 funds to advance paving and bridge work. A $200M loan under the TIFIA program is being used to fund construction of four I-93 Projects: 14633B, 14633D, 14633H, and 14633I.



The following red-list bridges are anticipated to be funded under the TIFIA Pledged Bridge Program using SB 367 funds.

City - Town - Bridge Project # Year in Construction Amount # of Bridges
Tamworth - NH Route 113 bridge over the Bear Camp River. 16239 FY18 Construction $2,794,718 1
Acworth - NH Route 123A bridge NH 123A over Bowers Brook. 16301 FY18 Construction $1,419,568 1
Conway 15864 FY19 Construction $3,122,000 1
Ossipee* - NH Route 16 bridges (3) over the Bear Camp & Lovell Rivers. 14749 FY18-FY20 Construction $13,070,000 3
Lancaster-Guildhall** - US Route 2 bridge over the Connecticut River. 16155 FY19 & FY20 Construction $3,927,244 1
Lebanon-Hartford*** - I-89 Bridge over Connecticut River 16148 FY19 Construction $2,705,600 2
Allenstown 40362 FY21 Construction $2,451,000 1
Troy 40370 FY21 Construction $4,129,050 1
Warner 15907 FY21 Construction $1,897,175 1
Shelburne 40363 FY22 Construction $1,877,975 1
Pelham 16145 FY23 Construction $1,962,810 2
Claremont 27691 FY22 & FY23 Construction $6,890,353 1
Deerfield 24477 FY22 Construction $1,201,650 1
Swanzey 27692 FY22 Construction $1,717,145 1
Warner 40622 FY23 Construction $1,328,467 1
Nottingham 40612 FY24 Construction $1,232,059 1
Thornton 40613 FY24 Construction $5,078,973 1
Woodstock 27713 FY24 Construction $4,267,905 1
Littleton-Waterford 27711 FY25 Construction $3,577,146 1
New Boston 27729 FY25 Construction $1,517,134 1
Marlow 40088 FY25 Construction $1,118,262 1

* Ossipee construction total based on updated estimated bridge costs.
** Federal FASTLANE grant totaling $5M was received for Lancaster-Guildhall bridge project. As a result SB367 funding needed for the Lancaster-Guildhall project was reduced.
***Lebanon-Hartford Bridge Rehabilitation project was funded with a portion of SB367 funds to leverage federal grant funding totaling $10M.

Legislative History

Governor Maggie Hassan

Gov. Maggie Hassan
signed SB 367 into law
during a ceremony on
May 20, 2014.

Gov. Maggie Hassan signed the bill into law during a ceremony on May 20, 2014.

“Our bipartisan transportation funding bill is the most significant state-level investment in transportation infrastructure in 23 years. This legislation is an important step toward addressing our transportation needs, keeping New Hampshire’s economy moving forward by advancing critical road and bridge projects, finishing the long-overdue expansion of I-93 and improving commutes for our workers and visitors.”

Governor's press release on bill signing.

Governor's statement when the bill was approved by the Legislature.

Full legislation can be found here: Senate Bill 367 Legislation

Road Paving in New Hampshire

Road paving projects will
affect regions from the
North Country to southern
New Hampshire.

The following documents were provided to the House Public Works and Highways Committee by the Legislative Budget Assistant’s Office (LBAO) during deliberations:

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