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Why Promote Transportation Options to Your Employees?

Policies that may include flexible schedules, and telecommuting, as well as promoting carpooling, taking transit, bicycling and walking to work can help to:

  • Lower transportation costs for your employees, which gives them more money to take home.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep the air clean in New Hampshire.
    • A car emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide per gallon of gasoline it uses.
  • Demonstrate your company's support of your employees and their health.
  • Walking even short distances to meet a bus or carpool can be a part of an active lifestyle.
  • Promote your company as an innovative and socially-conscious workplace.
  • Reduce the usage of your fleet vehicles and/or mileage reimbursement.

For more information and ideas on how to promote carpooling, please follow this link:
Carpool Incentive Programs

Still want more info? Please contact your local Regional Planning Commission / Metropolitan Planning Organization.

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