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Inventory of Properties

Welcome to New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) surplus real estate property process and inventory of properties available. The NHDOT's goal is to dispose of land not needed for transportation purposes, thus returning it to the local tax rolls. You are invited to inquire about properties of interest.

As needs change, certain parcels may be declared surplus and offered for sale. There are a few ways to acquire State owned surplus land. Some may be available as assemblage to adjacent property; some might be suitable for independent development and then some through Realtors. The information below outlines how to inquire whether these properties may be conveyed to private ownership.

Land suitable as assemblage is available only to adjacent property owners of record who might want to enlarge or improve their property. Land meeting local zoning requirements and other criteria for independent development is offered for public sale, usually through a sealed bid sale or through Realtors. Notice for such sales is typically made through local newspapers, Realtors and NHDOT's Web site.

The State also has Property Management Companies who service and maintain certain properties currently in our inventory.

What You Need To Do

  • Determine your interest in a specific parcel, research, if possible, to determine NHDOT's ownership and contact the NHDOT office by letter. *
  • A $500.00 deposit is required for NHDOT's review and determination of availability for disposal. This is an Administrative Fee for processing your request that will be utilized towards the purchase price or refunded if NHDOT decides not to sell the property. The Administrative Fee is retained as liquidated damages if you decide not to purchase the property.
  • Submit a written request with a certified or cashiers check made payable to the Treasurer, State of New Hampshire, and a copy a plan, tax map or any material that would be helpful in processing your request.
  • Parcels suitable for assemblage only, the adjacent parcel ownership interests will need verification.

*NOTE: The more information you provide can assist in expediting your inquiry.

What the Department Will Do

  • Confirm NHDOT's ownership.
  • Review requests to determine if the property is surplus to NHDOT needs.
  • Determine fair market value of the property.
  • Offer property for sale as appropriate, see process above.
  • Prepare the necessary deed for recordation.
  • Arrange closing with purchasers.

Town: Alstead
Description: 4.3 +/- acres of vacant land with a nice view located on the southeast corner of NH Route 123 and Cobb Hill Road.
Contact: H.G. Johnson Real Estate - Greg Johnson 603-352-5533

Town: Chichester
Description: 3.6 +/- acres of vacant land located on the southerly side of US Route 4, commercially zoned.
Contact: Phillip Miles 603-271-6917

Town: Hillsborough
Description: 1.4 +/- acres of vacant land located on the easterly side of Bible Hill Road.
Contact: Phillip Miles 603-271-6917

Town: Hillsborough
Description: 0.7 +/- acre of vacant land located on the northerly side of Harvey Way.
Contact: Phillip Miles 603-271-6917

Town: Manchester
Description: 4.4+/- acres of vacant land located corner of Radburn Street, Smyth Road and Mammoth Road with the parcel also being on the easterly side of Interstate 93.
Contact: Coldwell Banker - Steve Tetrault
(603) 625-5665

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