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Weare Safe Routes Kids Participate in Summer Parade, Bike Rodeo

Rodeo With drivers flipping out over the high price of gasoline, this vehicle was a hit in the Weare summer parade on July 19th Rodeo Youngsters from the Weare Safe Routes to School program head onto the state highway from the staging area.
Rodeo The SRTS contingent passes the new middle school in the Weare village center. The campus is one of the few places in town where sidewalks exist. Rodeo After the parade, the Weare Safe Routes to School task force sponsored a bike rodeo in the parking lot at the elementary school. At the first station, volunteers checked equipment, inflated tires and made minor repairs.
Rodeo At this station, a youngster practices looking over his shoulder to check for traffic. Rodeo At one of the more challenging stations, young bicycle riders practiced getting around small roadside obstacles without swerving into traffic.
Rodeo A volunteer instructor demonstates a "power start" at a station where kids were taught how to make a safe turn. By rotating a pedal to a high position and pushing off with the other foot, a cyclist can generate the power needed for an emergency maneuver. Rodeo Police involvement in the SRTS program is essential. The Weare Police Depatrment and the Weare Police Association donated two bicycles and several bicycle helmets as raffle prizes for kids who participated in the parade and bicycle rodeo.

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