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The Bureau of Turnpikes offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions received by our office. Any links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our Web site or from other sources. Should you have any further questions, please consult our Contact Us page.
  • I entered an E-ZPass lane unintentionally, what should I do?
    • If it is within 7 days of your trip, you may make a payment by visiting and selecting Pay a Toll. If your trip was more than 7 days ago, you are unable to pay the toll until you receive a First Invoice in the mail. Once you receive the invoice you can submit payment for the toll and and the $1.00 processing fee per transaction. As long as you submit the payment by the due date no further action will be required. Please note that invoices escalate to a Second Invoice with a $1.50 processing fee per transaction after 30 days and then to a Notice of Toll Violation 30 days thereafter, and a $25.00 fee will be applied. If you wish to dispute the invoice you need to complete Section B and D explaining your situation and return the invoice with a check for the toll fare. The E-ZPass Customer Service Representatives will review your explanation and determine if this is an inadvertant unpaid transaction per New Hampshire E-ZPass Rules & Regulations. If so, your processing/administrative fee will be waived. All customers, except those paying through the Website, will receive a determination letter (DTR) from the Customer Service Center noting the outcome of your dispute.
  • What is E-ZPass and how does it work?
    • E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system, which takes cash, coins and toll tickets out of the toll collection process. Instead, drivers establish an account, prepay tolls and attach a small electronic device to their vehicles. Tolls are automatically deducted from the prepaid account as an E-ZPass customer passes through the toll lane. For additional information, visit
  • I sometimes pull a camper or trailer with my vehicle. Can I still use E-ZPass?
    • Yes. In this instance the equipment in the lane is designed to identify that your vehicle is pulling a trailer and you will be charged accordingly. However, if you think this will be a regular occurrence, you should call the Customer Service Center and have them send you a transponder programmed for the vehicle classification you use most frequently. You should never use your transponder in a vehicle type other than the one you initially requested such as a car transponder in a tractor-trailer.
  • Where can I find out more about E-ZPass?
    • For information on New Hampshire's E-ZPass System, including project updates, visit our E-ZPass page. To order your E-ZPass transponder visit
  • I have a question about my E-ZPass account. Who do I contact?
  • My transponder is not working. What do I do?
    • First, make sure the transponder is mounted in the proper location. If it still fails to work, you need to contact the Customer Service Center at 877-643-9727 or visit one of three local walk-in centers located at the Concord, Nashua and Portsmouth.
  • Can I swap my transponder between two or more vehicles?
    • Yes - as long as all the vehicles are of the same classification for toll purposes. Example: Car to another car is acceptable. Car to a pickup truck with four tires is acceptable. Car to a pickup with six tires (dual wheels in the rear is not acceptable).
  • I wish to add /delete a vehicle from my E-ZPass account. How do I do that?
    • Contact the Customer Service Center at 877-643-9727, you can do it online at the Customer Service Center, or you can visit one of three local walk-in centers located in Concord, Nashua and Portsmouth.
  • Will my E-ZPass transaction records be shared with other agencies or a third party?
    • No. NHDOT and its representatives are held to the same privacy standard as outlined in RSA 236:31, however law enforcement personnel may be able to obtain records upon court intervention or exigent circumstances.
  • I have an E-ZPass account with another toll agency. Will I get a discount on NH tolls if I use my transponder from another agency?
    • No. Only NH E-ZPass account holders using NH transponders will get a discount at NH tolls.
  • What discounts are offered to NH E-ZPass account holders?
    • The discount is based on the class of vehicle not the type of account. NH E-ZPass discounts for vehicle classes 1-4 is 30% and classes 5-12 is 10%.
  • I don't want to use my E-ZPass transponder today. I prefer to use cash. What do I do?
    • If you desire to not use your transponder, you must remove it from the windshield/license plate and place it in the metallic "read prevent" bag that came with it or you can leave it at home.
  • I opened an account some time ago, but I have no E-ZPass account number, no transponder and my check/credit card has not been cashed/debited. What should I do?
    • Your application may have been lost. Call the Customer Service Center at 877-643-9727 or visit one of three local walk-in centers located in Concord, Nashua and Portsmouth.
  • I need more mounting strips to attach my transponder to another vehicle.  How do I get additional mounting strips?
    • Supplies can be picked up at any of the three local walk-in centers located in Concord, Nashua and Portsmouth.  Supplies can be ordered by calling the Customer Service Center at 877-643-9727 or online at the Customer Service Center.
  • I have an E-ZPass account. What lanes can I use at the toll plazas?
    • Most toll plazas have "DEDICATED E-ZPASS ONLY" lanes which will get you through the plaza quickly. These lanes have signs mounted on top of the toll plaza canopy and they are quite distinguishable from the other lanes. E-ZPass account holders may use mixed mode lanes (staffed lanes) as well. Essentially, E-ZPass account holders may use any lane where the E-ZPass Service Mark is displayed.
  • Is cash accepted in an E-ZPass ONLY lane?
    • NO. Only E-ZPass transponders are accepted in E-ZPass ONLY lanes.
  • What happens if I use my transponder when the balance in my account is $0.00 or less?
    • If you fail to replenish your account when the balance gets low, and your actual balance drops below $0.00 due to usage of your transponder, you may be subject to an administrative fee of $25.00 in addition to amount of funds necessary to bring your account into compliance with the minimum balance requirements.
  • What is the speed limit through an E-ZPass only lane?
    • The maximum speed is 25 MPH. The reason for this is safety of the motoring public and safety of our employees that could be crossing toll lanes at any time.
  • Could I get a speeding ticket for going too fast through an E-ZPass lane?
    • Maybe … NHDOT has no authorization to issue speeding tickets. This is a Department of Safety - NH State Police issue. If a State Trooper is monitoring speed through the toll lanes, and you exceed the posted speed through the E-ZPass lane, you could be issued a summons.
  • I opened my NH E-ZPass account at a Walk-In-Center when will by transponders be activated?
    • Transponders will not be active immediately. They will require between 48 and 72 hours to be activated.

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