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In response to increasing traffic volumes, the Bureau of Turnpikes has implemented Open Road Tolling (ORT) at the Hampton Main Plaza and the Hooksett Mainline Plaza. This permits E-ZPass transponder holders to drive through select lanes at the posted highway speeds, paying the toll electronically as they continue to drive. ORT lanes will process more vehicles than cash collection tollbooths and allow cars and trucks to move more efficiently through toll plazas.

The addition of ORT lanes increases traffic flow through the toll collection area. ORT facilities:

  • Reduce traffic congestion and travel delays both for motorists using ORT and those using a staffed toll lane. All traffic will be able to flow through the Plaza safely and efficiently.
  • Reduce the overall noise associated with a Toll Barrier by reducing the volume of traffic decelerating, stopping and accelerating to highway speeds. A significant reduction in tractor-trailer braking noise is evident.
  • Reduce vehicle emissions due to a reduction in the number of vehicles braking, stopping and accelerating at the barrier. A reduction in vehicle delays and associated idling fumes at the barrier is measurable.
  • Accident histories at ORT Facilities show a reduction of approximately 60% when converted from a conventional plaza. Additionally, separation of the higher speed vehicles using E-Z Pass technology from the slowing cash paying patrons is implemented with the ORT improvements.

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