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The Bureau of Turnpikes will be implementing All Electronic Tolling (AET) at the Dover Plaza and the Rochester Plaza. All-Electronic Tolling is a booth-less, cashless tolling system where your vehicle information is captured via an E-ZPass transponder or a license plate photograph.

AET facilities:

  • The replacement of traditional toll booths with electronic gantries helps maintain a consistent speed on the roadway, allows for more vehicles to use the roadway.
  • Process more vehicles than cash collection tollbooths and allows cars and trucks to move more efficiently through toll plazas.
  • All traffic will be able to flow through the Plaza safely and efficiently.
  • Reduce the overall noise associated with a Toll Barrier by reducing the volume of traffic decelerating, stopping and accelerating to highway speeds. A significant reduction in tractor-trailer braking noise is evident.
  • Reduce vehicle emissions due to a reduction in the number of vehicles braking, stopping and accelerating at the barrier. A reduction in vehicle delays and associated idling fumes at the barrier is measurable.


NHDOT Bureau of Turnpikes
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