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Capital Program

The NH Bureau of Turnpikes has established a priority Capital Program for the 2008-2028 period to address red list bridges and improve safety and congestion on the Turnpikes System. Below is a list of the projects.

Rochester 10620G thru L Spaulding Turnpike Expansion - Exits 11 - 16 (Completed June 2013)  
Newington-Dover 11238 Spaulding Turnpike Expansion - LBB & Exit 3 thru Exit 6** (Target Completion Fall 2020)  
Portsmouth 15760 I-95 Sound wall (Completed May 2013)  
Dover-Rochester 29440 - Toll Plaza Conversions at Dover & Rochester Plazas (Target Completion Fall 2022)  
Hampton Falls-Hampton 13408B I-95 Bridge Replacement over Taylor River (Target Completion Fall 2019)  
Seabrook 15769 NH 107 Bridge Widening over I-95 (Completed June 2014)  
Merrimack 12105 FEET Bridge Rehabilitation over Souhegan River (Completed June 2011)  
Bow-Concord 13742A thru C I-93 Bridge Redecking (4 Bridges) (Completed June 2015)  
Manchester 14966 I-293 Exit 4 Bridge Rehabilitation (5 Millyard Bridges) (Target Completion Fall 2016)  
Bedford 13527 US 3 Bridge Replacement over FEET (Completed July 2013)  
Bedford 16100 Open Road Tolling (ORT) - mainline toll (Target Completion Summer 2018)  
Manchester 16099 Reconstruction of Exits 6 & 7 on FEET (Target Completion 2028)  
Merrimack 29306 Removal of Exit 12 Toll Plaza (Completed December 2014)  
Nashua-Bedford 13761 FEET Widening at Three Locations (Target Completion 2024)  
Nashua-Bedford 29408 Deployment of ITS Infrastructure Along FEET (Target Completion Summer 2017)  

Below is the monthly status report for the Program.

Capital Program April 2019 Report

Replacement & Renewal (R&R) Program

The NH Bureau of Turnpikes will construct the following R&R projects in the 2016 construction season.

Project Project Number Description
Nashua-Concord 29021 Central TPK Resurfacing: Nashua FEET NB/SB pavement
Dover-Bedford 29023 Spaulding Turnpike (NH 16) Guardrail replacement
Seabrook-Nashua 40268 Renovations to Seabrook Rest Area
Central Turnpike Drainage 29024 Inlet/Outlet Reconstruction and Sliplining
Nashua-Merrimack 40036 Central TPK Resurfacing: Nashua FEET NB & SB; Merrimack Continental Blvd. - NH 101A to Industrial Drive Intersection
Rochester-Milton 40038 Eastern TPK Resurfacing: Rochester Spaulding TPK
Manchester 40367 Black Brook Bridge Scour Repair
Nashua 68024A Exit 8 Park and Ride Renovations
Statewide Signing 40044 Statewide signing
Statewide Guardrail Replacement 40040 Statewide Guardrail Replacement
Statewide Bridge Painting 40603 I-95 Painting

The NH Bureau of Turnpikes has completed the following R&R Program Projects in the 2015 calendar year.

Project Project Number Description
Hooksett 29494 Bridge Rehabilitation-Deck replacement for Toll Plaza Access Road over NB off ramp at I-93 Exit 11 Interchange
Portsmouth-Dover-Seabrook-Hampton 29022 Eastern Turnpike Resurfacing Portsmouth-Newington; Spaulding TPK NB & SB Ramps to I-95; Exit 1 Seabrook; Dover Exit 8 and Hampton Liberty Lane/Maintenance Parking Lot.

Below is the status report for the Program.

Turnpike's Replacement and Renewal Program Annual Report and Status Update


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