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Sponsor-A-HighwayWelcome to NHDOT Sponsor-A-Highway!

The Sponsor-A-Highway program provides an avenue for individuals, organizations and businesses to help the Department of Transportation maintain sections of roadside on New Hampshire's state highway system.


Caleb Dobbins
Sponsor-A-Highway Program

Since our Sponsor-A-Highway program began in 1994, thousands of volunteers representing over 700 groups have maintained over 1500 miles of New Hampshire roadside. In the process nearly 130,000 bags (donated by were filled with litter and removed from our roadsides! The value of our Sponsor-A-Highway program can be measured not only in financial savings to the taxpayers, but in the dedicated hours that hundreds of volunteers have unselfishly donated to keep New Hampshire beautiful for all of us.
Participation in New Hampshire's Sponsor-A-Highway program can include one or more of the following:
  • Sponsoring a section of Limited Access highway by partnering with an approved Maintenance Provider.
  • Sponsoring a section of Secondary Highway with maintenance by your group volunteers.
The New Hampshire Department of Transportation provides Sponsor-A-Highway volunteers with appropriate permits, litter bags and safety training at no cost. As a sponsor, you are recognized for your contribution with the placement of a "sponsored by" roadside sign on your section of highway.

This Web site is your resource for information on our Sponsor-A-Highway program. You should be able to find everything you need to join right here. If you still have questions, contact us.

Sponsor-A-HighwayHow does the Sponsor-A-Highway program work and how can we get involved?

It's really quite easy for an individual or group to participate in New Hampshire's Sponsor-A-Highway program. Highways are divided into two categories … Limited Access highways and Secondary highways. For safety reasons, Limited Access highways require the use of "maintenance providers" to perform litter pickup while Secondary highway litter pickup can be done by the sponsoring group. Individuals or groups wishing to participate in the program can submit an application to the Sponsor-A-Highway Coordinator of the district in which the desired section of highway to be adopted is located.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, a written agreement will establish your group's participation in the Sponsor-A-Highway program.

For secondary highways, individuals or groups are required to sponsor at a minimum a section of highway approximately 2 miles in length, in both directions of travel. For limited access multi-lane highways, individuals or groups are required to sponsor a section approximately 4 miles in length, in only one direction of travel, or 2 miles in length if median section is included.

Sponsorship is required for a minimum of 2 years and litter clean up is required a minimum of 4 times a year in the months of April, June, August and October. Or, up to 14 times a year for Limited access multi-lane highways. Safety, scheduling and age requirements are also part of sponsorship. Check our application package for specifics.

To begin, choose whether you would like to sponsor a Limited Access Highway or Secondary Highway

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