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Strategy Map

Customer SatisfactionGoal: The Department's work must be transparent and responsive to our customers - those residents and visitors to our state who depend of transportation. NHDOT will strive to provide a transportation system and services that support quality of life.

Objective: Increase Customer Satisfaction: Transportation must meet the needs and expectations of the users. The Department will accomplish this through measuring and communicating performance and by focusing on safety, system condition, mobility and excellent customer service.

PerformanceGoal: The Department must continue to improve: the conditions of all elements of the transportation system; the performance (mobility, safety, and security) of the transportation system; the effiency of the Department; and the effectiveness of its partnerships.


  • Improve Asset Conditions: The Department must continually oversee the transportation system and optimize the maintenance, preservation, modernization, and timely replacements of transportation assets through cost effective management, programming, and resource allocation.
  • Increase Mobility: The Department must work to limit transportation delays and increase access to all modes of transportation.
  • Improve System Safety and Security: The Department must work to make the state's transportation system safer and more secure through: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Emergency Response.
  • Improve Department Efficiency: The Department must ensure that both its daily operations and its project delivery are as efficient as possible while still remaining effective. This will be achieved through innovation, implementation of improved technologies and lean process improvement.
  • Identify, Communicate, and Collaborate with Partners: The Department will identify and establish collaborative partnerships in order to better utilize resources, achieve long term goals, and produce effective solutions to shared concerns.

Effective ResourcesGoal: The Department must: make effective use of financial resources; use its workforce strategically; and protect and enhance the environment.


  • Effectively Manage Financial Resources: The Department must sustain the state's transportation system and services and invest in all modes of transportation through optimizing performance, reducing costs, and generating new and increased revenue streams. This will be implemented through clear communication of transportation needs, leveraging current assets, Department wide cost reductions, improved efficiency through technology, and enhancing fee structures.
  • Implement Strategic Workforce Planning: Worker's knowledge and experience is the cornerstone of strategic work force planning. By implementing strategies that increase employee job satisfaction and loyalty, the Department can cultivate a skilled workforce that are experts and leaders in the transportation field.
  • Protect and Enhance the Environment: The Department must help preserve and enhance New Hampshire's natural, physical, and social environment during the planning, implementation, and maintenance of transportation facilities and services. The Department must exercise environmental responsibility by implementing best management practices, operating in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, striving to prevent pollution, managing energy usage of DOT facilities and vehicles and utilizing smart management practices in all of its activities.

Employee DevelopmentGoal: The Department workforce must be prepared for new challenges due to changes in technology and expected vacancies due to retirement; focus will continue on improving employee health and safety, and aligning employees with the Department's Mission and Purpose through improved communication.


  • Increase Bench Strength: The Department must continue to develop and retain its current employees through mentoring and individual development plans, as well as hiring efficiently and effectively to ensure the right person in the right job at the right time.
  • Optimize employee Health and Safety: The Department must promote and strive to achieve improved health and safety for all employees. It must raise employee awareness of healthy lifestyles and safe practices through exemplary leadership, education, training and personal accountability. The Department must identify potentially harmful conditions and take action to remedy those harmful conditions and/or prevent unnecessary risks.
  • Align Employees Around Department's Mission: The Department must clearly communicate its mission and purpose to all employees to ensure that work efforts are aligned with overall strategies and initiatives. Employees shall be supported by management that embraces performance, accountability, and desired results.

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