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Information on Transit-Related Funding

Current Formula Grant Applications & Information

Most recent FTA Apportionments:

State of NH FTA funding information for FFY 2023(Last updated: 02/16/2023)

Note: All recipients of FTA grant funding (i.e., any entities that contract with NHDOT for FTA-funded projects) will be required to sign the annual Certifications and Assurances and acknowledge receipt of the FTA Master Agreement.

FTA Program Most Recent Grant Solicitation & Info (archives are below)
Statewide Transportation Planning & Research

SFY2024-2025 Section 5305(e) Info:

SFY2024-25 5305(e) Notice

Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

SFY2023 Section 5310 Capital (Vehicle & Equipment) info

SFY23 5310 Capital Notice

Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) Program Funding for Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

SFY2024-2025 Section 5310 RCC Program Info

*DUE 3/7/23*

(Non-urbanized) Transit
5311 (f)
Intercity Bus

SFY2023-25 5311f Intercity Bus Program

  • August 8, 2022: An RFP was posted on the State of NH's Statewide Bids & Proposals page:
Bus and Bus Facilities Capital

SFY2023 Section 5339 Bus & Bus Facilities Capital Program


Discretionary Grants
5339(b) Bus Program and
5339(c) Low or No Emission Program

Please contact NHDOT for details. Information is generally sent to eligible recipients separately.

SFY17-SFY19 Grant Award Summary: Transit Grant Summary

A summary of all recent NHDOT grant/contract awards can be found on NHDOT's Procurement website.

For additional information regarding grant awards, please contact NHDOT Public Administrator Fred Butler at

Archived Grant Info

Related Documents

SFY2018/FFY2017 List of FTA Grant Awards


5310 Capital
5310 RCC Program
5310 Purchase of Service Purchase of Service
5310 RCC Formula
5311 Rural Non Urbanized
5311(f) Intercity Bus
5305 Statewide Transportation Planning
5339 Bus and Bus Capital Formula
5339 Pedestrian & Bicycle Facilities Capital (targeted solicitation)

Previous Pedestrian/Bicycle Facilities Capital project solicitations (5339 funds)


Discretionary Grants
5339(b) Bus Program and
5339(c) Low or No Emission Program

5339(b) Bus Program
SFY2017 5339(b) Bus Program Notice

5339(c) Low or No Emission Program
SFY2017 5339(c) Bus Program Notice

Other 5316/5317 Program Info

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