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Bureau of AeronauticsWelcome to the Bureau of Aeronautics!

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation's charge is to plan, construct and maintain the best possible transportation system and State facilities in the most efficient and economical manner utilizing quality management techniques consistent with available resources and mandated controls. The Department is committed to excellence, safety, innovation and the future. The Bureau of Aeronautics works with aviation agencies at the Federal, State and local levels to preserve and promote a system of airports necessary to guarantee the future of air transportation in New Hampshire.

Tricia Lambert, Administrator
Bureau of Aeronautics



The Pilot

Zechariah Smith has hand drawn this image of a boy looking into a mirror at a pilot and pretending to fly with a fan in his room using “Illustrator”.

He is a 12th grade student at Plymouth Regional High School.


NH Legislation changes Aircraft Registration fees

Senate Bill (SB) 565-FN was signed into law on 06/21/2018 which states the following:

287:2 Repeal. The following are repealed:
I. RSA 422:31, I-II, relative to aircraft registration fees.
II. RSA 422:32, III, relative to operating fees for operation of antique aircraft.

287:3 Aircraft Operating Fee. RSA 422:31, III is repealed and reenacted to read as follows:
III. An aircraft operating fee for each aircraft for which a state registration certificate is required. The amount of the fee for an antique aircraft, glider, or experimental aircraft shall be $100. The amount of the fee for all other aircraft shall be based on the maximum certificated gross weight of the aircraft, as follows:

0-3,000 lbs. $100
3,001-8,000 lbs. $250
8,001-12,500 lbs. $2,500
more than 12,500 lbs. $3,500

287:6 Applicability
II. Effective July 1, 2018, the operating fee for an aircraft not previously registered in this state or an aircraft due for registration renewal after September 1, 2018 shall be the fee in RSA 422:31, III, as amended by section 3 of this act and there shall be no state registration fee for such aircraft.

Aircraft not previously registered in New Hampshire shall take effect with the repealed and reenacted fee scale July 1, 2018.

Aircraft previously registered (renewals) in New Hampshire shall take effect with the new fee scale January 1, 2019.

Please contact the Bureau of Aeronautics at 603-271-2552 if you have questions regarding your aircraft registration fees. Thank you.

general aviation month proclamation

New Hampshire's general aviation
airports play a critical role in supporting the state's
access to the National Airspace System. Governor
Sununu has proclaimed March 2018 as General
Aviation Appreciation Month in order to recognize
their value to New Hampshire citizens and businesses.


Quick Links

UAS/Drone Operations

FAA Releases Part 107 for the Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems. For more information go to

New FAA Video Stresses Holiday Drone Safety

November 25- If you’re one of the lucky people who gets a drone as a holiday present, the Federal Aviation Administration wants you to know how to fly it safely. The agency has released a new video reminding everyone of the rules and regulations that safe drone pilots must follow.

As the video shows, before you fly your drone outdoors, the first thing to do is register it at If you’re going to operate according to the model aircraft rules, you’ll receive one identification number to apply to all your drones. Non-modelers must register each of their drones individually.

  • The video also stresses that whether you fly your drone for recreation or business, safety is everybody’s responsibility. And that means following the rules:
  • Don't fly near other aircraft or in restricted airspace, such as "No Drone Zones".

The video also tells you how to get the FAA's B4UFLY smartphone app that provides the latest information about airspace restrictions wherever you intend to fly your drone.

The bottom line: Safe flying is what smart drone pilots do.

Check out the new holiday video.

NH State Airport System Plan

2015 State Airport System Plan

New Hampshire Aviation Facts

The NHDOT/Bureau of Aeronautics collects many statistics regarding the aviation activities it monitors and regulates. For more information NH Aviation Facts 2015

News and Events

Seaplanes vs. Milfoil and Other Invasive Aquatic Plants

This is the time of year when minds turn to vacations, fun in the sun, and family time. Many will seek out trips to inland waters of NH. We've all seen the announcements of invasive aquatic plant species in some of NH's inland waters (namely milfoil) and to be careful so as not to transfer plants or plant parts from one waterbody to the next. Most seaplane pilots already know that the milfoil issue is not just a boat issue but also a seaplane issue. While it's a little easier to manage the spread of these plants from boats, the job is more difficult for seaplanes that may take off from one lake and land at another one and yet another one. Keeping NH's inland waters in good shape is a responsibility we all share. The Seaplane Pilots Association ( holds safety seminars at which they've distributed free CDs with best practices seaplane pilots can use for not transferring invasive aquatic species from one waterbody to another. Mr. Kenneth Costa is the NH Field Director for the Seaplane Pilots Association and can be reached at or 603-630-0076 for more information.

FAA Reauthorization
On Wednesday, September 30, President Obama signed into a law a bill to extend federal aviation funding, which had been set to expire, until March 2016.The bill known as the Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2015 (H.R. 3614) was approved by House on Monday and Senate on Tuesday in an effort to prevent an interruption in the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) funding.Supporters have said the six-month reauthorization buys Congress time to negotiate a long-term FAA measure.

NH Aviation News and Events

By the Way …

AeronauticsThank you for visiting our Web site. The Bureau of Aeronautics is dedicated to the promotion of New Hampshire Airports and will be glad to include information on upcoming events or significant changes at your airports. Airport Sponsors are requested to submit pictures and a brief description of the activity. In an effort to be more effective, we welcome your feedback so please contact us with comments and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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