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In 2018, the Bureau of Aeronautics, working with its consultant Jacobs Engineering Group and under a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), completed a much-needed project to identify the buildable areas in the vicinity of some of its general aviation airports in compliance with FAA's land-use compatibility grant assurance.

The deliverables included an interactive, web-based system that allows the user to point to a location near one of these airports and compute the maximum building height while still staying underneath the airport's protected airspace. Interactive Airport Approach Map.

Static, non-interactive building height maps were also created. In addition, as municipalities update and revise their ordinances, those with airports within their boundaries or airspace that reaches into their municipalities from adjacent airports can now utilize template airport approach ordinance templates that meet FAA and NHDOT requirements. The updated airport approach plans that are referenced in the ordinance templates were also produced for these airports.

Finally, to help with outreach on land-use compatibility near airports, a brochure was produced that airports can use as they work to educate others on this important airport safety issue.

Airport Name Building Height Maps Ordinance Templates Ordinance Airport Approach Plans
Berlin Regional Airport Bldg-BML

Ord-BML | Ord-BML

11x17-BML | 24x36-BML

Boire Field Bldg-ASH Ord-ASH | Ord-ASH 11x17-ASH | 24x36-ASH
Claremont Municipal Airport Bldg-CNH Ord-CNH | Ord-CNH 11x17-CNH | 24x36-CNH
Concord Municipal Airport Bldg-CON Ord-CON | Ord-CON 11x17-CON | 24x36-CON
Dean Memorial Airport Bldg-5B9 Ord-5B9 | Ord-5B9 11x17-5B9 | 24x36-5B9
Dillant-Hopkins Airport Bldg-EEN Ord-EEN | Ord-EEN 11x17-EEN | 24x36-EEN
Laconia Airport Bldg-LCI Ord-LCI | Ord-LCI 11x17-LCI | 24x36-LCI
Mt Washington Regional Airport Bldg-HIE Ord-HIE | Ord-HIE 11x17-HIE | 24x36-HIE
Skyhaven Airport Bldg-DAW Ord-DAW | Ord-DAW 11x17-DAW | 24x36-DAW


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