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For Immediate Release
April 9, 2018
Bill Boynton, Public Information Office, 603-271-6495
NH Public Works Memorial into Fund Raising Stage
$80,000 Needed to Break Ground

Concord - It has been nearly nine years since then Governor John Lynch signed into law HB608, establishing a committee to oversee the design and construction of a public works employee memorial for employees who died in the course of performing public duties.

The project has the support of New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) Commissioner Victoria Sheehan. "Public Works employees are known for being hard working and dedicated, but not everyone appreciates the sacrifices these employees make, or how hazardous their jobs can be. Working around traffic, heavy equipment and in poor weather can be dangerous, but the roads need to be plowed, trees need to be cleared during storms and work in the roadway needs to be performed with as little impact to traffic as possible," she said. "While we continually strive to protect our workers and provide the safest possible conditions, unfortunately some make the ultimate sacrifice. Donating to this memorial is a way for New Hampshire citizens to acknowledge that sacrifice, and remind everyone not to take their public infrastructure and the people who provide the most essential of services for granted," added the Commissioner.

Since the legislation was signed into law, the committee has determined a site, selected a design, and has developed construction plans, but has struggled with the funding. Nearly $25,000 of the $80,000 needed for the project was raised before it stalled. According to Bill Boynton, spokesman for the Department of Transportation, construction on the memorial could begin with $80,0000 in the bank.

"We found it difficult to ask our friends in the construction world to donate to the memorial fund when, at the same time, they were being forced to lay off employees due to the struggling economy," said Jim Rivers, NH House Communications Director and the public member of the committee appointed by Governor Lynch. "The entire project was stopped in its tracks over the funding issue," he added.

Dan Brennan, who is employed in Highway Maintenance with the NHDOT, is the designee to the committee from the State Employees Association. "If you work this job long enough, you'll have your fair share of close calls. For me, personally, this is for the men and women that weren't as lucky as me. Their close call ended in tragedy, and their dedication and service to the public should be remembered," he said.

In an attempt to kick-start the fund raising campaign, the committee is turning to the world of social media where a "Go Fund Me" page has been created ( with a modest goal of $40,000. Additionally, people may donate through their purchases in the Amazon Smile program. Donors merely click on the link (, select the New Hampshire Public Works Association and then begin shopping.

Dave Rodrigue, Director of Operations at DOT called the memorial an appropriate way to recognize those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. "The Municipal Public Works and NHDOT employees are often working in close proximity to high speed traffic, sometimes in the worst of weather conditions, and in difficult places with heavy equipment to keep our infrastructure operating safely, efficiently and effectively. Your donation to the Public Works Memorial is a way you can recognize those who gave their lives so you could; travel more safely, have clean drinking water from the tap, responsibly treat your wastewater and enjoy some of the best infrastructure in the world," he said.

Tax-deductible donations may also be sent to the Public Works Memorial Fund, c/o Dave Rodrigue, Commissioner's Office, NH Department of Transportation, PO Box 483, Concord NH 03302-0483.

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