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For Immediate Release
November 20, 2012
Bill Boynton
Public Information
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State Farm® Insurance Partners with NHDOT to Sponsor Motorist Service Patrol
Provides Additional Revenue with Potential for Expansion

(Hampton) – The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) today announced a new public-private partnership between the New Hampshire Department of Transportation's Bureau of Turnpikes and State Farm® Insurance for sponsorship of the Motorist Service Patrol (MSP). The three-year sponsorship program will provide the highly valued traffic management program with additional funding for operations and the potential expansion of the patrol's coverage area.

Motor Service Patrol TruckAs part of the sponsorship program, the MSP vehicle will receive an updated look to include the State Farm logo as well as enhanced, highly-reflective safety markings to make the vehicle more visible to motorists, especially at night. The sponsorship will also include the addition of informative highway signs indicating patrol areas along the covered routes.

"This is great news for motorists who drive on I-95 and the Spaulding Turnpike in New Hampshire," said NHDOT Commissioner Chris Clement. "This public-private partnership with State Farm will ensure an additional level of safety for the traveling public for several years."

MSP drivers patrol 16 miles of I-95 from the Massachusetts border to the Maine border throughout the year, adding 14 miles of the Spaulding Turnpike to their coverage area during winter months. They assist motorists whose vehicles have become disabled as a result of a crash, a mechanical failure or other cause, and provide safety for emergency responders. The NHDOT's Turnpike MSP program was established in the spring of 2011 and has since responded to more than 1,350 highway incidents, including assisting stranded motorists and removing debris from the roadway.

As one of the nation's leading automobile insurance companies, State Farm sees a natural connection between its mission and the function of the Department's Motorist Service Patrol program.

"The Motorist Service Patrol is a partner in the State Farm mission to help individuals recover from the unexpected," said State Farm Senior Vice President Robert Yi. "The patrol shares our good neighbor commitment and as a leading automobile insurer in New Hampshire, this partnership underscores our commitment to help make our roads safer and supports the State Farm commitment to automobile and driver initiatives that assist motorists traveling our roadways."

For State Farm, the partnership is an extension of its safety investment in not only highway and passenger safety, but also teen driver initiatives that focus on distractions, skill set, and the value of strict graduated drivers licensing (GDL) laws.

State Farm sponsors motorist assist patrols in eight other states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Indiana and Kansas.

Travelers Marketing, a Massachusetts based sponsorship agency, responded to the NHDOT request for proposals on behalf of State Farm in May 2012 and was awarded the sponsorship through a competitive bid process. Under the terms of the contract, State Farm will provide NHDOT with sponsorship dollars annually for three years, with two additional two-year renewal options, potentially making it a seven year partnership.

All sponsorship monies will be used to support the DOT Motorist Service Patrol program, primarily helping to fund patrol trucks and equipment with an option for NHDOT to expand the patrol coverage area to more fully cover the Spaulding Turnpike and to the F.E. Everett Turnpike (FEET) from the Massachusetts border (US 3) to I-293 Manchester to I-93 Exit 14 in Concord. Additionally, State Farm funding will provide safety equipment, brochures with motorist feedback cards, and high visibility/high reflective tape for all patrol vehicles. In return, the program will be known as the "NHDOT Motorist Safety Patrol sponsored by State Farm." Sponsored by State Farm, logos will be placed on patrol vehicles, operator uniforms, and on signs along the highways to inform motorists of the program's coverage areas.

MSP program details

The Motorist Service Patrol includes one fully-equipped, branded, state-owned and operated vehicle staffed by NHDOT employees who provide roadside assistance for motorists. MSP service is provided 5 hours per day Monday through Thursday and 10 hours per day Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays along I-95 from the weekend prior to Memorial Day Weekend to the weekend after Labor Day Weekend for a total of 18 weeks. During the winter months, from mid-September to mid-May, the patrol operates on I-95 and 14 miles of the Spaulding Turnpike 5 hours a day Monday through Friday.

With the more than 9 million vehicles traveling through the I-95 Hampton Toll Plaza May through September last year, the MSP program responded to a total of 753 incidents and assisted motorists. On average, the MSP responded to approximately 250 highway incidents each month. Assistance may include changing a flat tire, pushing a disabled vehicle off to the shoulder, pulling a vehicle trapped in mud or snow back onto the road, providing a small amount of gasoline, and making minor repairs. MSP trucks are also dispatched to crash scenes to create safe zones for emergency responders to work within.

Service is provided free of charge to the traveling public and patrol drivers cannot accept tips.

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