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Transferring OpenRoads Profiles to MX

Since OpenRoads drawing production tools are not yet available, this page will explain the process of transferring an OpenRoads profile to MX to create a MicroStation drawing for contract plans.


For the alignment to transfer properly, the feature definition needs to be set to an alignment feature. Check the Element Information to confirm or adjust this.

The feature name needs to be four characters beginning with "MC". A mainline alignment typically ends with "M" such as "MC1M". Select the alignment and set the feature name in the Element Information dialog.

If the Element Information includes MX Data, then the alignment has already been transferred. This can be the result of a design file setting which causes OpenRoads to automatically transfer alignments. If there is MX data, confirm that the String Name matches the naming convention mentioned above and in MX Design String Naming Convention. If the alignment already exists in MX, you can skip to Transferring MX Profiles to MicroStation.

The setting to automatically transfer alignments is in the Civil Formatting category of the design file settings. The first item in this category is Export To Native. Changing the setting from Use Feature Setting to Manual will stop the automatic transfer.

The left side of the feature definition toolbar has a dropdown list of MX models. This specifies where the alignment will go when it gets to MX (see below). Typically, the proposed alignment would go into a model called FALIGN.

Feature Definition Toolbar

Feature Definition Toolbar

If the FALIGN MX model does not exist, create it by selecting Modify > Edit Models > Create Model from the MX menu.

Create Model Command

Create Model

Setting the active profile

Setting the Active Profile

Select the profile associated with the alignment to be transferred to confirm that it is the Active Profile. Hover the mouse over it until the context-sensitive menu appears. The second button is used to set or clear the active profile. If the button appears as in the image here, click it to set the active profile.

Transferring the Alignment

Now that we are certain that the alignment has an active profile, switch back to a plan view and select the alignment to be transferred. Choose the Export to Native tool on the General Geometry task menu. There will be a prompt to click a data point to accept the selected alignment(s). A message will appear in the Message Center indicating if the transfer was successful.

Preparing the MicroStation Drawing

Once the alignment has been transferred successfully, go to Transferring MX Profiles to MicroStation.

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