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Templates are used to create corridors.  Each template is basically a typical section that contains the features and components that are extruded along a civil geometry.

There are two main template files one (NHDOT-IMP.ITL) which contains many copied templates from various sources and a second (00000NHDOT-IMP.ITL) which has most of the non-NHDOT stuff deleted out. When you work in a new project, you should copy and rename the 00000NHDOT-IMP.ITL into your project's MX/imperial_styles directory for it to be found by OpenRoads.

Templates are continuously being updated as new ones are created and old ones revised, it will become necessary to update your ITL file or even replace it. Notice will be posted when significant changes take place. The template library organizer is used to copy templates from one ITL file to another. Delete any similarly named folder prior to opening the Organizer. It is not an especially user friendly interface.

  1. The Create Template tool on the Corridor Modeling task menu opens the Create Template panel.
  2. Tools > Template Library Organizer opens your set ITL file in an organizer panel.
  3. Click on the folder to expand the ITL contents. To the right of the second pane select the ... to pick the ITL to copy from.
  4. If copying a folder of templates, drag it from the right pane up to the top ITL name of the left pane to copy it.
  5. Individual templates can be copied by dragging and dropping also but must be dropped onto a folder.
  6. Close the Organizer to save the changes.

The Create Template box is used to create and modify templates. The two main templates are TC-12-4-DSC and TC-12-4-Curb-DS. These templates have been set up with parametric constraints and can be modified during corridor creation to facilitate most lane and shoulder configurations as well as material depths.

create template dialog box

Click image for full size version.

Naming convention helps to indicate the intent of the template. TC = Corridor Templates, TL = Linear Templates, TS = Surface Templates.

Components to create templates are in the Template Components folder. See the Corridor creation documentation on how and when to use the various templates.

Creation of Templates is covered in the the Help files as well as on the Bentley learn server and may be documented here in the future. Click on the OpenRoads Help task menu. The Help option in the menu bar no longer includes OpenRoads information.

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