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OpenRoads Seed File, Tasks, Tools and Settings

OpenRoads work is more like Microstation than traditional MX. Most commands are given through Task lists and many MicroStation commands are used to manipulate the created features. New seed files, Tasks, Tools and Settings have been or will be set up to work effectively in OpenRoads.

OpenRoads Seed DGN File

A typical MX DGN has 3 models in it; a 2D Default model, a 3D Default-3D model and an MX model. Work should be done in the Default model unless otherwise stated. All MX Models and strings will be displayed in the MX model.

The Default model has the Default-3D model (attached with live nesting) which has the MX model attached to it. So you can see all the information in the dgn when the Default Model is open. Individual Windows can view different models of the 3D information even when in the Default 2D model. Use the View Group > Multi-Model Views to display both a 2D and a 3D view at the same time.

Previously, there was a single seed file for OpenRoads drawings - NHDOTMX_seed_i_3d+2d.dgn. That file is now called nhseed-or-intf.dgn ("or" = OpenRoads, "intf" = International Feet).  All future projects should be set up with U.S. Survey Foot drawings using the seed file nhseed-or-ussf.dgn ("ussf" = US Survey Feet) when working in OpenRoads. Design work on US Survey Foot drawings should be done with InRoads while work done in International Foot drawings should be done with MX. There are other seed files for special purposes. For a complete list and details on how to set the seed file for a project, see NHDOT Seed Files.

Suggested Civil Tools and Settings

  • Suggest having the CAD menu across the top. If the MX menu is currently displayed, select CAD Menu from the File menu.
  • Check the Geographic Coordinate system from Tools > Geographic > Select Geographic Coordinate System. It should be set to <None> in all models of the DGN. Hit on the last icon Delete Geographic Coordinate System if you have one defined.
Geographic Coordinate system

Geographic Coordinate System

  • Check Working Units from Settings > Design File > Working Units
Design File Settings

Design File Settings

  • Also verify Station Format as ss+ss in the Civil Formatting Category of the Design File Settings.
Design File Settings - Station Settings
  • Resource Cache - Open Workspace > Preferences > Operation to increase the resource cache: to 4096, or some other multiple of 1024 if you have more RAM.
  • Manipulator Size - Workspace > Preferences > View Options - Civil > Manipulator Settings > Size = 20 or 25, and change Normal Color to Yellow or something bright you can see.
Preferences dialog box
  • Right-click Menu - Under Workspace > Preferences > Input, Change the Hold Delay to 30 or 35. (ms time for right click menu vs Reset)
  • Geographic Coordinates of Attachments - Workspace > Preferences > Raster Manager > Default Attributes tab > Set Default Attributes > Geometry > Inherit GeoCS from Model = Inherited
  • Hit OK to save these changes.
Docked Tools dialog box

For the following notes, you can click on the graphic for a larger copy.

  • Under Tasks > Civil Tools > General Geometry > select Features Definition Toggle Bar and dock it - Red Arrow. Select Civil Message Center and dock and pin - Blue Arrow.
  • Level Display and Element Information are also important tools and can be docked and pinned - Green Arrow.
  • Tools > Tool Boxes > check Main Classic and Civil Accudraw - Purple Arrow. Dock them.
  • Disable accudraw - Right Click on the Accudraw Tool and select Settings. un-check Auto Load, then close. (Civil Accudraw will be used)
  • Uncheck MX Output Window in the MX Controls tool bar.  Or from MX > View > Output Window
  • Open, Dock and Pin Project Explorer.
  • The Task Menu should be set to Civil Tools.
  • Settings > Drawing Scale, dock it. Can right click in tool bar and un-check ACS, and ACS scale. This tool box will allow you to view/verify the working units when a drawing is opened.
  • File > Save Settings and File > Save.

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