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Horizontal Geometry from MX Geometry String - International Foot DGN Files

All alignments should be created in the 12345-Geometry.dgn. The Corridor dgns should contain the corridors, superelevation, civil cells and drives for each roadway.

Create Horizontal Geometry from an MX Geometry String

Many projects coming from Preliminary Design will have MX alignments. These alignments will need to be created as Civil Geometry with a feature definition to use OpenRoads.

Open the 12345-Geometry.dgn file and change the active model to Default.

Before importing the alignment, c268onfirm that the MX model's default style set is set to Road.pss. The model's default style set can be checked or modified from MX > Tools > Model Defaults... Select the model containing the MX geometry string and hit Edit. Use the ... and select the ROAD.pss and ROAD.fns. Click OK's to complete the change.

Alignment import dialog box

Import Geometry Panel

Select the Import MX Geometry From Active Model tool from the General Geometry task menu. This will open the Import Geometry panel that is shown to the right.

Select the MX Model and the Geometry strings desired with a check in the adjacent checkbox. By default, all the alignment strings (Master and Geometry) will be checked ON for a selected model. To control which strings are to be imported, expand the Alignment sub-categories (two levels) to view the available Geometry strings. Uncheck any Geometry string that you do not want to import.

The Plan Linear sub-category contains the corresponding Master alignment strings. At the moment, checks in this sub-category are irrelevant.

Check Create Civil Rules at the bottom of the panel to apply rules to the selected elements so when they are imported they will be editable with manipulators. When this box is cleared, the elements are imported as plain graphics. Click the Import button at the bottom of the panel. This alignment should now exist as a Civil Geometry in the Default model.

feature definition list

Feature List

Use Element Information and set the Feature Definition as appropriate. A sample of the feature definition list is shown at the right.

These elements are imported as OpenRoads elements. They will have less intelligence than if an equivalent element was created using OpenRoads tools, this is especially true for alignments.

Previously imported elements will show as checked if the import command was run before.

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