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OpenRoads Alignments from MX String - US Survey Feet

All alignments should be created in the 12345-Geometry.dgn. The Corridor dgns should contain the corridors, superelevation, civil cells and drives for each roadway.
Open the 12345-Geometry.dgn file and change the active model to Default.

Many projects coming from Preliminary Design will have MX alignments. These alignments will need to be created as Civil Geometry with a feature definition to use OpenRoads.

The MX model's default style set needs to be set to Road.pss for the import from the MX model file to the DGN. The model's default style set can be checked or modified from MX > Tools > Model Defaults... Select the model containing the MX geometry string and hit Edit. Use the ... and select the ROAD.pss and ROAD.fns. Click OK's to complete the change. This process will export all the alignments in the model, if you only want to transfer one or two copy them into a separate model, but remember to set the default style set.

Export MX gometry model to land xml

Because MX uses International feet by default the alignments need to be transferred using LandXML. MX > File > Export > Landxml... select the model name containing the alignments, verify output file name and path, and click on Export to XML, then OK. The xml file needs to be edited prior to importing into Openroads. Open the saved xml file with notepad or notepadd++. (PFE editor will truncate lines corrupting the file)

When using USSF units in your design files you need to copy the following and replace the unit line from the file.... <Imperial areaUnit="acre" linearUnit="USSurveyFoot" volumeUnit="cubicFeet" temperatureUnit="fahrenheit" pressureUnit="inHG" angularUnit="radians" directionUnit="radians"/>

Edit xml file with notpad or notepadd ++

Save and close the file.

Select the Import MX Geometry tool Import MX Geometry Icon from the General Geometry task menu. Select the edited and saved file and hit Open. Place a Check in the top box next to the file name entry.

Check Create Civil Rules then click Import.

Your alignments should now exist as a civil geometry in your Default model. Use Element Selector to select it. View Element Information, Set the Feature Name (MCXX) and the Feature Definition as appropriate (Alignment), by default it will assign No Feature Definition.

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