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Create Horizontal Geometry from MicroStation Complex Chain

If an alignment exists as a complex chain in MicroStation, it can be used to create a Horizontal Civil Geometry alignment.

Create Horizontal Geometry from MicroStation Complex Chain

Open the 12345-Geometry.dgn, open the Default model.

Either create a complex chain using MicroStation commands or Copy an existing Complex Chain from a referenced MicroStation drawing.

Open the Feature Definition Toggle Bar by selecting the Feature Definition Toggle Bar tool on the General Geometry task menu. When ever you create OpenRoads Features you should first select the Feature Definition and then set it active.

feature definition toggle bar

Feature Definition Toggle Bar

feature list

Feature List

Click the Feature Dropdown > Ali n Road Design > Road > Alignment then activate the Use Active Feature toggle.

Select the Create Civil Rule Feature create civil rule button from the any Geometry task menu. The feature definition should indicate that it will use the active feature definition. Hit on the complex chain, Reset to complete.

If you plan on transferring the alignment to the MX model.fil, the feature name should be changed to a four character label beginning with MC. Select the element, view Element Information and update the Feature name.

After the Alignment has been converted to a feature, use the Start Station tool on the Horizontal Geometry task menu to assign a starting station. Select the alignment and hover the mouse over it to bring up the context menu. Select Open Profile Model to start the Vertical Geometry design.

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