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Deleting Mainline Shoulders and Slopes

Documentation for Side Road/Driveway Design is composed of four documents, this is Part 3.

Side Roads and drive ways are designed after the Main line corridor has been completed. The horizontal and vertical geometries will match into the Main line.

Note that references to "12345" in file names refer to the project's five digit Project Number.

There is an overlap of information from the Mainline Corridor where the civil cell was placed. In both plan and 3D views, you can see the shoulder and slope features overlapping the civil cell. These overlaps need to be removed from the Mainline corridor.

Note that references to "54321" in file names refer to the project's five digit Project Number.

  1. Open the 54321 Cor - Mainline.dgn Default model. Attach the 54321 Cor - Side Road.dgn's Default model if it is not already attached. Check to make sure that the Reference files snaps are enabled.
  2. It is helpful to use Level Display to shut off the display of all the levels in each referenced 3D drawing so that you only hit on the 2D elements (expand the tree to select only one drawing's levels at a time).
  3. In Corridor Modeling Tasks select the Copy Template Drop task copy template drop button and select the template drop to edit it.
  4. Using key point snaps, select the starting station on the civil cell's TW on the first arc. Select the ending stations on the second TW arc.
  5. This creates a separate template drop in the area of the civil cell. Use the Edit Template Drop task edit template drop button and select the template drop to edit it.
  6. The Editing Roadway Designer Template Drop display will become active. If you don't see it, use your task bar to bring it to the front.
    template drop editor dialog box

    Click image for full size version

  7. In the bottom left of the window, select the Active Template tab. At the top center of the window, check the Display All Components box. This will ensure that all components are displayed.
  8. Window in to the side of the road that the civil cell was placed on. Right click on the screen and select Delete Components. Left Click and hold down on the mouse button and draw lines across all shoulder and slope components to delete them. Re-issue the command until all shoulder and side slope components are deleted on that side of the road (do not delete the Travel Way Components).
  9. Any points that are left should be deleted also by right clicking on each point and selecting Delete Point.
  10. When done Click OK.

The corridor will reprocess and the overlapping strings will be removed within the template drop area.

If the civil cell's radii are changed in the future you will need to modify all three template drop's stations to the ends of the revised arcs.

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