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Cross Sections: Annotating Existing Elevations

After the Corridor is designed, Cross Sections can be generated. However, if the sections are to show more than just the proposed corridor and existing ground, other procedures will need to be followed. For something to show up in the cross sections it must be a 3D element.

To annotate the old ground elevation on your sections you must create a Feature for it. This feature can be created in any drawing that is included in the Default-3D model used for sectioning but should probably be in the Geometry drawing. The Existing Terrain model should be set active or at least be turned on and selectable.

  1. Open the DGN's Default model.
  2. In the Feature Definition Toggle bar select the feature Ali n Road Design > Road > Sect ExistElev. Click the feature definition feature definition button so the background turns amber to lock the current feature definition.
  3. On the Horizontal Geometry task menu, select Single Offset Entire Element single offset button. Set the offset to 0 and Select the alignment. Accept to create. Do not Mirror.

To process a single alignment, follow these steps:

  1. Use Element Selector to select the new feature. Hover over it to bring up the context sensitive menu. Click Open Profile Model. Select a view for the profile.
  2. Select the Existing Ground profile. Hover to get the context sensitive popup menu and select Set Active.

To process multiple alignments, select each additional alignment and accept the creation of each Existing Elevation string.

  1. Use element selector and select by Level. Choose the Existing Elevation level.  This should select all the features you just created.
  2. Use the Profile from Surface tool on the Vertical Geometry task menu and follow the prompts shown.
profile from surface dialog box

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