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Create Terrain Model Feature from MX Triangles

In OpenRoads, a Terrain Model Feature is created to represent the existing surface. Eventually, the Terrain Model will be created in OpenRoads survey, but for now it needs to be created from the MX triangulation model.
The directions in Create Terrain Drawing Features - Introduction should have been followed, prior to preforming these steps.

Create the Terrain Model - from MX Triangles

In MX, open the 12345-Terrain.dgn. Open the DGN's Default-3D model.

To create the Terrain feature, from the Tasks menu select the Civil Tools > Terrain Model > Create From File button.

select files to import dialog box

On the Title Bar of the Select Files to Import panel, verify that the project and MX directory are correct. If not, click the Directory History button in the upper right corner of the panel. The correct MX folder should be the top entry on the resulting list. Be sure that the Look In box is now directed to the correct folder. If the Model.fil is not available, then verify that the Files of Type is set to MX (*.fil).

Select Model.fil from the project's MX directory. Click Done to advance to the Import Terrain Model(s) panel.

Next, the Import Terrain Model(s) panel (shown below) lists the MX models contained within the MX model file.

import terrain model dialog box

Select (check box) the TRIANGLES model on the left side. Set the Import Options to Import Terrain Only, then Expand the Feature Definition section located on the right side of this panel. From the Feature Definition drop down, expand the Terrain Display folder and then select the Existing_Boundary feature definition.

Geographical Coordinate Systems - If the project's working units are US Survey Feet, the Source should be set to NH83/2011F to match the drawing file's coordinate system. If the project is an older one with working units of International Feet, leave the source Blank! If you are uncertain which working units are in effect, refer to Working Units.

To select a Geographical Coordinate System, hit on the ... button next to source and select Library > Projected > United States of America > North America > New Hampshire > NH83/2011F - NAD83/2011... Right click on it and Add to Favorites, then left click on it and hit OK.

When complete, click the Import button to generate the Terrain. A message should be displayed in the bottom left that the import has completed. Click Fit view in the upper left to see the imported terrain.

Note that this panel does not automatically close after clicking the Import button. Therefore, after the Terrain model has been imported (message in bottom left corner), just click the X in the upper right corner to close this panel. The Terrain model should now be displayed. If not, then click Fit View to see it.


Manipulating the Terrain model

Open the DGN's Default model. Open the References panel. The DGN's Default-3D model should already be referenced. Verify that the Snap option is toggled ON so that MicroStation Snaps may be used. Click Fit View to see it. If you do not see the Terrain's Boundary outline, then use Level Display to turn on all levels in the referenced Default-3D model. Save Settings and Save.

List of terrain features

Caption Text

From the Task menu, select the Set Active Terrain Modelactive terrain model button tool from either the General Geometry or the Terrain Model subcategories. Identify the new terrain model to be the Active Terrain model. The Terrain can also be set active by using the Element Selector. First, select the Terrain's boundary and then hover the cursor over it, this should bring up the Context Sensitive Menu. Select the Set As Active Terrain button, it's the second button from the left. If the terrain is already set to Active, then the second button will be Clear Active Terrain Model instead. Setting this Terrain to be the Active Terrain will actually need to be done in each drawing that the Terrain drawing is attached to.

Display of the Terrain model may be controlled by using Element Information. First, use the Element Selection tool to select the Terrain model. Next, click the Element Information button to get the Element Information panel. Expand the Calculated Features Display options, here you can toggle the display of various terrain features as desired.

The Terrain model's display can also be changed by changing the terrain's Feature definition which is also on the Element Information panel. 

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