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Create Corridor Boundary

When the design is complete, a clip boundary can be created by creating a terrain model from the Corridor, then dropping the terrain model leaving the boundary element.

To do this, make sure you are in the Default model and select the corridor. Select Create from Elements from the Terrain Model task menu. Left click to accept through the prompts.

create terrain model dialog box

Open the Default-3D model and select the terrain model that was just created. Use the Drop Element tool. Make sure the Application Elements box is checked. Left-click to accept the selection.

drop element diallog box

Use the following steps to create a region from the boundary element that will be used later to define a fence for clipping reference files. All the other parts of the "dropped" terrain will be deleted.

With the Element Selection tool, select the Terrain_Exterior level.

Set the active level to Construction. Use the Create Region tool with the Flood option and click somewhere within the terrain area. Accept the newly defined area.

In the Create Fence tool, set the Fence Type to Element and Fence Mode to Clip. Select the region created in the previous step.

In the Reference File Manager, select your existing Terrain.dgn. Select Clip Mask from the Tools menu and accept.

Delete the remnants of the dropped terrain model.

The region's level display can be turned off. Your existing terrain should be clipped out where your proposed corridor is, creating a composite 3D view. Review your design by changing the View Attributes Display Style to Smooth with Shadows and use the Dynamic Rotate tool to view the design.

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