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Convert MX Point Strings to 3D Cells for Visualization

In OpenRoads, a Terrain Model Feature is created to represent the existing surface. Eventually the Terrain Model will be created in Openroads survey, but for now it needs to be created from the MX triangles model. The directions in Create Terrain Drawing Features - Introduction should have been followed, prior to preforming these steps.

OpenRoads drawings are seeded with 3 DGN models:

  1. Default
  2. Default-3D
  3. MX

It is imperative that the proper DGN model be active.

Open the 12345-ter-3d-cells drawing created in the Create OpenRoads Base Drawings process. If one does not exist, then from the MX menu select File > New Plan Display... From the Plan Display File Name panel, supply the File Name of 12345-ter-3d-cells ("12345" should be the project's Project Number).

To generate the MicroStation Cells:

  1. Open the drawing's MX model.
  2. From the MX menu, select Display > Plan with Style Set...
  3. Select the TOPO POINTS model.  Verify that the Model Defaults for the TOPO POINTS model are set to the EXD3D (or EXD twenty3D for 20-scale projects) style and feature sets. To do that, right-click on the model name in the Model Name box and select Edit Model Defaults. If necessary, change the style set to exd3D.pss (or EXD twenty3D.pss). Click OK to the style set change.
  4. Uncheck the Display all Strings box. Click OK to display (Fit View might also be necessary).
  5. Open the drawing's Default-3D model.
  6. Open the References panel. Highlight the drawing's MX model that is currently referenced. From the Tools menu, select Merge Into Master. On the Merge References panel, leave all options unchecked. Follow the MicroStation dialog requesting to Select View For Merge by left clicking in the current view (Default-3D) to execute the merge. An Alert panel will warn that the selected references will merge into the current design, click OK to proceed. Close the References panel.
  7. Next, from the MX menu select Display > Erase Display... to erase the MX graphics in the MX drawing model.
  8. Save Settings and Save this DGN.

These MX Point strings are now shared 3D cells in the drawing's Default-3D model. This new drawing can be attached to the OpenRoads Combined.dgn.

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