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Welcome To MX v8i

MX v8i Highlights

  1. Cells and Linestyles are all MicroStation.
  2. Transfers to MicroStation are via a File > Export > Native from MX.
  3. Able to flip between MicroStation and MX menus.
  4. For 20 scale plans, draw 20 scale in MX.  For 20 scale in MicroStation, just Export > Native from the MX 20 scale drawing.
  5. MX view controls are replaced with MicroStation view controls.
  6. MX panels can be made Transparent. You control the amount of Transparency
  7. Profile drawing process unchanged from v8 except for the Export > Native step.
  8. Recommend using the MX Model Display toolbar.
  9. A new procedure for the generation of OC string, now use an Input file or line mode. See Generating Old Ground Strings
  10. Now able to generate Curb Returns on shoulder strings (ES).
  11. MX printing is replaced with MicroStation printing.
  12. A new way to do alignments that uses MicroStation commands.  Introducing Civil Geometry Alignments.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Transferring Plan Drawings

  • MX plan drawings must be drawn with the model's default style set.
  • Export > Native from MX v8i.
  • Exit MX.
  • Open the Native Version in MicroStation v8i
  • Attach/Import the Level Library (.CSV), Update levels from Library

The Hitchhiker's Guide to MX Alignments

  1. MX Alignment Creation > Unchanged from v8.
  2. Alignment Drawing > Use the NHAlign-v8i Add-In. This Add-In creates a Native version of the drawing with the name you specified. It also imports the ALI level library.
  3. Exit MX
  4. Open the Native Version in MicroStation v8i
  5. Run the NHAlign macro. New version, same name.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Cross Sections

  1. Cutting Sections > Unchanged from v8
  2. XSDetail step is unchanged from v8
  3. Drawing Macro is still XS-MS:
    1. Cross Section scales are now controlled by the Project Configuration File. In the project's PCF, set the variable NH_XSSCALE=10 (or NH_XSSCALE=5 for 5 scale).
    2. Specify *.DPW instead of *.DPF
      Change the MicroStation Model Type from Sheet to Design.
  4. Export > Native from MX.
  5. Exit MX.
  6. Open the Native Version in MicroStation v8i.
  7. Attach/Import the XSU.CSV Level Library, Update levels from Library.
  8. Run the XSEdit macro. New version, same name.

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