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MX and Visual Basic

MX SS3 includes MicroStation's capabilities to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for the development of macros. This is the same functionality that exists for development of macros in Word, Excel and other Microsoft applications. Add-ins used within previous versions of MX are being converted to VBA programs.

VBA programs can be run by selecting Macro, then Macros... from the MicroStation Utilities menu. A list of available programs will be displayed. Since most users will not be familiar with the VB program naming conventions, it will usually be easier to select programs from the NHDOTmx menu.

If no macros are listed, select Macro, then Project Manager from the Utilities menu. Click the Load Project button (second from the left). Select nhdot-mx.mvba from the vba folder under workspace\standards. Try listing the macros again. For people outside NHDOT, download the file containing macros and other NHDOT programs.

RenameM (modRenameM.Main)

This is a replacement for the former RenameM MX add-in. RenameM is used to rename Master Alignment strings. It eliminates the need to address it's Sub-reference, the Geometry string, and the Geometry string's Sub-reference.

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