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String Label Convention - Design Name

Alignments and Center Lines | Design Strings | Right Of Way

Alignments and Center Lines
String Description String Label Style Set
Mainline Alignment MC-M MXRoad
Side Road Alignment MC-A MXRoad
Detour Alignment MC-B MXRoad
Driveway Alignment MC-D MXRoad
Legacy Alignment MC-L MXRoad
Miscellaneous Alignment MC-X MXRoad
Preliminary Alignment MC-P MXRoad
Railroad Alignment MC-T MXRoad
Ramp Alignment MC-R MXRoad
Survey Alignment MC-S MXRoad
Road Center Line (Geometry) GC MXRoad
Road Center Line (Proposed Elevations) LC MXRoad
Road Center Line (Old Ground Elevations) OC  (LZ if Wizard  is used)  

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Design Strings
String Description String Label Style Set
Barbed Wire Fence FB PLY8
Curb Return (M String) MR MXRoad
Driveway DR PLY8
Earthworks General IA MXRoad & PLY8
Earthworks (Cut left) Formerly ICL IL MXRoad & PLY8
Earthworks (Cut right) Formerly ICR IR MXRoad & PLY8
Earthworks (Fill) IF MXRoad & PLY8
Earthworks (Front of Ditch) ID MXRoad
Earthworks (Back of Ditch) IE MXRoad
Earthworks (Cut Berm) IB MXRoad
Earthworks (Fill Berm) IS MXRoad
Earthworks (Widened area for 2:1 slopes) IY MXRoad
Earthworks (Broken Hinge) IZ MXRoad
Earthworks (Rounding) R  
Edge of Lane EL PLY8 & PVM8
Fence Other FO PLY8
Gate GA PLY8
Noise Bund IN MXRoad
Painted Island TI PLY8
Proposed construction easement CE  
Proposed drainage easement DE  
Retaining Wall Left RL PLY8
Retaining Wall Right RW PLY8
Roadway (Back Of Curb) CB MXRoad
Roadway (flowline) CF MXRoad
Roadway (Material Edge) CM MXRoad
Roadway (Top Of Curb) CT MXRoad
Roadway (Edge) Formerly TW CE MXRoad, PLY8 & PVM8
Roadway (Hard Strip) Boundary between travel lane and median CS MXRoad
Roadway (Hinge) Used for line separating travel lane from widened section CH MXRoad
Roadway (Curb Return) CR MXRoad
Shoreline SL PLY8
Shoulders (Edge) Formerly EP ES MXRoad & PLY8
Shoulders (Shoulder rollover) ER MXRoad
Shoulders (Flowline) EF MXRoad
Shoulders (Top of Curb) ET MXRoad & PLY8
Shoulders (Bottom of Curb) EB MXRoad & PLY8
Shoulders (Unpaved) EV MXRoad
Shoulders (Front of Sidewalk) EW MXRoad
Shoulders (Back of Sidewalk) EX MXRoad & PLY8
Shoulders (Earthworks Datum) Top of slope, 0.3m (1') from ES string
This is the string to be used as the datum string for INTERFAC macros
Stream ST PLY8
Traffic Island (Reserved) TI MXRoad
Traffic Island (Edge Of Through Lane) TJ MXRoad
Traffic Island (Edge Of Intersecting Lane) TK MXRoad
Traffic Island (Edge Of Turn Lane) TL MXRoad
Traffic Island (Flowline) TF MXRoad
Traffic Island (Top of Curb) TT MXRoad & PLY8
Traffic Island (Back of Curb) TB MXRoad
Trail TL PLY8
Wet Area WA PLY8

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Right Of Way
String Description String Label Style Set
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