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The Foundation

Field Survey locates buildings at ground level. Not only is it important to capture the ground up to a building for terrain modeling, but it is not always easy to define a building at it's sill if there are decks or loading docks. Field Survey does however take one sill shot per building so that a sill string can be generated. Introducing the NHSill Add-in for just this purpose.

MX does not understand coincident strings with different levels. It is vital that an upper string that defines a feature be offset (horizontally) from a lower string even if the feature is a vertical wall. The offset direction is also important. A Cross Section for example must encounter the building string at ground level before finding the higher building sill string. Therefore it is required to know the direction of the source string.

This program compiles an input file, you will be prompted at the Exit to have this file inputted to MX.

Building the Sill String

In MX from the Add-Ins menu, select Personal Add-Ins > NHSill. If necessary, add this program to your MX add-in list. If you need help doing this, refer to the MX Add-In Index.

nhdot sill creator dialog box
  1. Select the Reference Model containing the building strings. This should be the field survey feature model. A list of the BE strings in that model will show up in the left panel.
  2. Select one BE string at a time. The program will display the name of the Sill String (BD) to be created and the highest and lowest elevations found on the selected building string (BE). A warning will display if the associated BD string already exists.
  3. Enter the Sill Elevation for the new Sill String (BD).
  4. Select the Direction to inside of bldg, either Left or Right to tell the program which side of the Building String to offset the new Sill String to. It is imperative to know the Building String direction for this criteria. Use Right when the building was surveyed in the clockwise direction, Left for counter clockwise.
  5. Click the Apply button to add it to the input file that is being created. Each string will be added to the list on the right so you can see which ones are already done.
  6. Repeat for every building string.

When you are finished, click the Exit button. You will then be asked if you want to run the newly created input file, select Yes.

A visual check can be accomplished by redrawing the ground model using the Topo.pss style set (Topo Twenty.pss for 20 scale). The buildings will be drawn in red and the building sills in yellow. Be sure that the building sills are on the inside of their associated building string.

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