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The NHDraper program is used to draw MX profiles that can be transferred to MicroStation. When followed with the MicroStation routines described in Transferring MX profiles to MicroStation profiles conforming to NHDOT standards can be developed.

Before You Begin

Before running this program, you must have a triangle string that will provide the elevation data. Note that only points within the triangulation selected will obtain elevations.

In MX from the Add-Ins menu, select Personal Add-Ins > NHDraper. If necessary, add the program to your MX add-in list. If you need help doing this, refer to the MX Add-In Index.

Running the Program

drape strings onto surface dialog box
  • Select the model containing the strings which need elevation data.
  • To add elevations to every string in the model, enter a string label of ????. A single string label can also be entered if desired.
  • Select the triangulation model and string.
  • After selecting string and triangle details, click the Apply (green check) or OK (check mark with a slash through it) button. Apply will leave the program running if you wish to add elevations to more strings. OK will run the program and end it.
  • If the model contains strings with BS labels they need to be renamed to BR. This can be accomplished thru Modify > Edit Strings > Change Many String Names set partial name as bs?? and new as br??.

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