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MX Add-In Index

Most add-ins are being converted to VBA programs. This page will primarily be used to post the status of that conversion and direct operators to the appropriate VBA routine.

CogoReport Use NHAliReport for a Cogo style report.
CONREPO Used to generate an output file of string points from a specified model. This report is commonly used to provide 3 dimensional string information to non-MX consultants.
Data Import For importing GPS data into MX.
NHAlign Used to create an alignment drawing that can be transferred to MicroStation. Improved to handle spiral curves. Note: In MX SS3, this is being replaced by an MXTip file. At this time, there is a bug in MX which causes annotation to be at the wrong scale under certain circumstances. (Updated January 10, 2014)
NHAliReport Used to create a formatted report of an MX alignment. This report can also be used to plot curve data on a MicroStation alignment.
NHDraper Used to add elevations to one or more strings in a model.
NHProfile Used to draw existing and proposed profiles.
NHSill Used to generate Building Sill strings.
PointScan Used to create a report of project features referenced by station and offset.
RenameM No longer needed. From the MX menu, select Modify > Edit Strings > Change Master / Geometry String Name.
XSDetail Used to create section sets representing detail symbols

Installing an Add-in

  • From MX's Add-Ins menu, select Personal Add-Ins, then Add-In Manager...
  • Click the Add... button on the next panel.
  • Click the ellipsis button button at the end of the line labeled .EXE File Name.
  • Browse to the add-ins directory of the MX workspace.
  • Select the desired program and Open.
  • Click the OK button and Close the Add-In Manager
  • The program will now be available on your Personal Add-Ins menu


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