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Input File Names for MX

There are a few file extensions that have specific meanings in MX. The most common ones are listed below:

  • .DAT - Files containing cross section information that was keypunched from the survey books.
  • .DPF, .DPW - A MX drawing file name.
  • .DRW - Used to designate a file that creates a MX drawing.
  • .INP - A file that inputs information into MX.
  • .OUT - A file generated in MX that contains output from that session.
  • .PRN - " "
  • .LOG - A record of a previous MX session.
  • .SDR - An input file created by a survey data collector.
  • .SVY - A survey data collector file containing traverse points.
  • Generally MX file names will be related to the model or type of information which is being used. Some names have been reserved for specific purposes. These are explained below.

Drawing File Names

  • PROFMC__.DRW- A file to draw a profile of string MC__.
  • SECTMC__.DRW - The file used to draw cross sections for alignment MC__.
  • TOPO.DRW - A file used to draw MX detail that is to be transferred to MicroStation.

Input File Names

  • CONTOURS.INP - A file to generate contours. Mostly replaced by Triangles.
  • FINAL_CONTOURS.INP - This file is used to contour the proposed alignment & detail model.
  • FINAL_SEC.INP - A file to generate final design cross sections.
  • GRID_SECT.INP - Bridge grid cross sections in GENIO format for input to MX.
  • PROFILE_MC__.INP - File to SECTION a profile for string MC__. Also may be proposed profile for string MC__ with VERAT.
  • SECTIONS.INP - Roadway cross sections in GENIO format for input to MX. Could also be called SECTMC__.INP if sections pertain to only one line. Also plan prep SECTION input file for project.
  • SECT_MC__.INP - File to cut SECTIONS for string MC__.
  • TEMPLATE_MC__.INP - This file will contain the DESIGN options used to define the proposed pavement layout for string MC__.
  • TOPO.INP - File to generate Survey detail Model. From Plan prep included all IG edits
  • TRAV.INP - File to generate Survey control Traverse.
  • TRIANGLE.INP - File to generate Triangles and Surface Contours. Includes the masking table
  • VERAT_MC__.INP - File to generate proposed profile for string MC__.

Note: This list is only intended as a guide to naming convention for files that will exist for most projects. When naming other files remember that you are not the only one working on that project and others will have to be able to figure out what the file is used for.

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