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File Extensions

File Extensions
Extension Description
.apl MX Automatic Page Layout
.cfs MX Fill Style
.ckl MX Superelevation: Application Length Check
.cls MX Line Style
.crd MX Output File
.cs1 MX Cross Section Style Set
.cs2 MX Cross Section Style Set Component
.csu MX Cross Section Set Up
.cts MX Text Style
.dat MX Data File
.dcf MX Design Checker File
.dpf MX Draw Picture File
.dpw MX Working Display
.drw MX Drawing Input File
.fil MX Binary File
.fns MX Feature Set
.gui MX Default Parameters
.hip MX Quick Horizontal Data File
.ini MX Configuration Settings
.inp MX Input File
.jou MX Journal File
.loc MX Lock File
.ls1 MX Long Section Style Set
.ls2 MX Long Section Style Set Component
.lsu MX Long Section Settings
.lsl MX Profile Style
.lvl MX to MicroStation Level Structure File
.mbl AutoMOSS Model Table
.mcm MX Command Macro
.mif MX Information File
.mmd MX Master Document
.mml MX MacroLine
.mms MX MacroSymbol
.msk MX Mask
.mss MX in MicroStation Data File
.ntl MX Superelevation: No Transition Application Length
.pds MX Drainage Style Set
.pll MX Long Section Page Layout
.plp MX Plan Page Layout
.plx MX Cross Section Page Layout
.prm MX Default Parameters
.prn MX Default Output File
.pss MX Plan Style Set
.psu MX Page Set Up
.pts MX Triangulation Style Set
.qdc MX QD Carriageway File
.qds MX QD Shoulder File
.sel MX Superelevation: Superelevation Value
.sgl MX Superelevation: Special Geom. Application Length
.srl MX Superelevation Rule File
.sty MX Earthworks Style
.sup MX Raster Supplementary File
.svf MX Saved View File
.tbo AutoMOSS String Table
.tbl AutoMOSS Layer Table
.tis MX Traffic Island
.trl MX Superelevation: Transition Application Lengths
.trn MX Copy Transformations File
.+gui MX Default Parameters
.+prm MX Default Parameters
.view MX Drive Through View
.vind MX Drive Through Index
.vip MX Quick Vertical Data File
.vstn MX Drive Through Chainages

New Hampshire Department of Transportation
PO Box 483  |  7 Hazen Drive  |  
Concord, NH  |  03302-0483
Tel: 603.271.3734  |  Fax: 603.271.3914