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Exporting MX Triangles to 3D-DXF

When possible, data should be exported using LandXML. The 3D-DXF process should only be used if LandXML is not successful. This documentation has been compiled without the tools necessary to verify the success of the process for any software other than MX.

The export of MX triangles using 3DDXF converts a triangulation string from a model to a file in DXF format. This file is commonly used to create drawings in AutoCAD or other similar packages.

Refer to 3DDXF for detail about exporting MX feature strings.


From the MX File menu, select Export > DXF > 3D Triangles...

cddxf trianglulations

From the top of the 3DDXF - Triangulations panel, supply an Output File Name and location. Currently, there exists a 32 character limit for the path and output file name.

Next, in the String(s) to Convert area, select the Model Name and the Triangulation String Name from which detail is to be extracted. Any spaces in the model name are automatically replaced with underscores upon export. If export is to be limited to a triangle group, then specify a Group Code at the bottom of this panel.

This wizard requires the generation of separate output file for every export.


To generate a 3DDXF output file and remain in the wizard, click Apply. To complete this Wizard and generate 3DDXF output file, click OK.

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