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Drawing File Summary

A drawing file is an input file used to generate an MX Drawing File (either a DPF or a DPW). The Programmer's File Editor (PFE) is the preferred tool for creating and editing MX input files. All workstations loaded with MX should have a PFE icon on their desktop. Once a Drawing file is compiled, it needs to be input in MX from the File menu.

The following sample MX Drawing file has been embellished with explanations of each group of commands.

Input File Code Explanation
MOSS Major Option MOSS resets the error indicators, it never hurts to begin any MX input file with Major Option MOSS
01-2012, compiled by yourself
NH ROUTE ## ***
Note records either begin with 3 spaces or 3 zeros (000). Always date and claim ownership.
In case this file has been previously run, these lines delete the previously created drawings so this run has a clean foundation to work with.
NEWDPF,12345XSMCFM.DPW Major Option NEWDPF creates and opens a new MX drawing (DPF or DPW), or opens an existing one. The associated data represents the drawing name.
DRAW,FDESIGN MCFM SECTIONS,FDESIGN MCFM Major Option DRAW. The first associated field identifies the model containing the strings to draw. The second field identifies the reference model, this field may be left blank if the reference model is the same as the first model.
900,XS-MS DRAW Minor option 900, Use A Macro. The associated data represents the macro name.
TITLE='NH Route ###',XS=50020,XE=50230
Macro Variables. Every variable except the last one must be followed by a comma. Refer to the XS-MS Macro for variable details.
Optional DRAW Minor options to overdraw additional section sets. Refer to the MX Command Language Reference (also known as the QRG) for details of all Major and Minor options. Refer to the Cross Section Set Labels for descriptions of available section sets.
999 Global Minor Option 999, End A Major Option. No associated data.
DISPLAY Major Option DISPLAY instructs MX to update the display immediately.
FINISH Major Option FINISH terminates input from the file. No associated data.


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