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Cross Section Set Labels

Features Stored

MX Cross Section Labels
Section Set Feature Name MX Label
0, 1 *available*  
2 Environment lines VB, VH, VO, VT, VZ, WD
3 Right-of-way lines  BC, BN, BP, BR, BS, BT
4, 5, 6, 7 *available*  
8, 9 Building sills BD
A, B *available*  
C Other Determined by user
D Design Design model
E Existing Ground Triangulation
F Subgrade  
G, H, I, N, O, P, Q, S, T, U, V *available*  
J Misc Section J  
K Misc Section K  
L Misc Section L  
M Misc Section M  
R Drainage Pipe XC ( * see table below)
W Detail Features  * see table below
X Old Ground Elevations OC
Y General  
Z Temporary Used by MX wizards

Cross Section Detail Feature Strings

To provide detail features on cross sections, an intermediate model is created with strings representing the details to be added. A set of cross sections (with string labels beginning with the letter W) are cut through this model. The MX labels of the strings in the intermediate model are shown in the following table.

Cross Section Detail Feature Strings
MX Label Feature Name
X0, X1 Coniferous & Deciduous Trees
X2 Environment lines
X3 Right-of-way lines
X4, X5 Joint Pole
X6, X7 Hydrant
X8, X9 Building sills
XA, XB Guy Pole
XC, XD Drainage Pipes
XE Drainage Structure Sumps
XG, XH Light Pole
XI, XJ Joint Pole with Light
XK, XL Power Pole with Light
XM, XN Pole
XO, XP Power Pole
XQ, XR Telephone Pole
XS Catch Basin
XT Drop Inlet
XU Drainage Manhole
XV Utility Manholes

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