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Creating Alignment Drawings (NHAlign-v8i)

Note: As we transition from MX to OpenRoads, it is strongly recommended that you consider creating Civil Geometry (OpenRoads) features from MX alignments instead of following the procedure below. Follow the Civil Geometry from MX String or MicroStation Complex Chain documentation to accomplish this. Then follow Annotating Civil Geometry Alignments to add station text and curve data.

Creating a MicroStation alignment drawing is a combination of an MX add-in (NHAlign-v8i) and a MicroStation macro (NHAlign). The MX add-in creates a MicroStation Native DGN, a MicroStation DGN, and an MX DPW drawing. The Native DGN is the drawing to be used in MicroStation. The MicroStation macro will perform some cleanup work on the drawing when in MicroStation.

The NHAlign-v8i add-in has been modified so that it now adds curve data to the drawing before creating the "Native" MicroStation version.

Before You Begin

Check the project's MX directory for a file with the project name followed by a .MSS extension. If this file does not exist, see a member of the CAD/D support staff before continuing this procedure. If it does exist, open the file with PFE or Notepad to verify it is correct. It should look something like this:

MX Seed File List
Imperial Version Metric Version

Any references to mx_seed_m.dgn or mx_seed_ft.dgn will need to be corrected.

Due to a bug in the current version of MX, the NHAlign-v8i add-in will not complete properly if there are open MicroStation sessions. Please exit any MicroStation sessions before continuing.

In MX, from the Add-Ins > Personal Add-Ins menu select NHAlign-v8i. If this add-in is not on the menu, then refer to the Add-in menu documentation.

nh align dialog box
  • Select the Reference Model Name from the pull-down menu. The Style and Feature sets must be set to mxroad (or mxroad Twenty for 20 scale). All alignment strings in this model will be displayed in the Available box.
  • Select the string(s) you would like to draw. Click the " =>" button to add the selected strings to the Included box.
  • Enter the new Drawing Name. This will be the name of the new MicroStation.dgn file conveniently exported to Native format. Also generated is an MX drawing and a non-Native MicroStation drawing that will have the same Drawing Name with -temp appended to the name.
  • The Use Private Styles option is available if there is a need to draw the alignment differently than NHDOT standards. An mxroad style set must exist in the project directory for this to work.
  • Click the OK button to generate the new drawings. Levels from the ALI.csv level library are also imported by the this add-in. Therefore, it is no longer necessary for the operator to do this step once in MicroStation.

To Be Aware Of

You cannot add alignments from multiple models to the same drawing.

If the MX and MicroStation files for this project are stored in different folders, then move the new Native alignment drawing to the folder where MicroStation drawings are stored.

Open the newly created Native alignment drawing in MicroStation. Levels from the ALI.csv level library were imported by the NHAlign-v8i add-in. It is no longer necessary for the operator to do this step.

Editing the Drawing

At this time the drawing needs to be edited to reformat the alignment to NHDOT standards. This is done with the NHAlign macro. This macro can be started using the key-in vba run modNHAlignV8i.main. At this point, the macro will modify the text associated with each alignment. It will also delete unnecessary graphics from the drawing.

Known Issues

  1. Occasionally, transfers from MX will create point elements on the MicroStation drawing. They can usually be deleted by running the delpt macro.
  2. The macro does not work properly when a curve is more than 180 degrees (such as a loop ramp alignment). Until further notice, the alignment will have to be manually drafted.

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