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Converting MicroStation Elements

The MX Conversion toolbar defines how MicroStation data is converted to MX data. It is located at MX > View > Toolbars > MX Conversion.

The MX Conversion toolbar allows you to specify the current model and feature for any new MicroStation elements that you choose to convert to MX strings. Because features are linked to specific levels in the model's default style set, the feature you select also defines the level on which the element is drawn.

Note that Spirals do not transfer from MicroStation to MX.

The MX Conversion Toolbar

mx conversion toolbar
  1. Autoconvert button toggles the Autoconvert feature ON or OFF.
  2. The Traffic Light Indicators shows the transfer potential of MicroStation elements:
    • Green Light - The current level is an active MX level and Autoconvert is ON.
    • Amber Light - The current level is an inactive MX level because Autoconvert is OFF.
    • Red Light - The current level is a MicroStation level and not an MX level.
    The traffic lights will go grey as soon as an element selection is made since the current level and the state of Autoconvert have no relevance to what will happen to the selected object.
  3. The Current Model field for defining the recipient model.
  4. The Current Feature field for selecting a target feature.
  5. The Convert Element button for the manual conversion of MicroStation elements to MX strings.
  6. The CAD Data Import Wizard is intended to convert entire DGN or DWG file content to MX data.
  7. The Create New Feature button should never be used and it's functionality should be blocked.

To convert an existing MicroStation element to an MX string:

  • Select the model in which you wish to create the MX string from the left dropdown on the MX Conversion toolbar. Be sure that the model defaults are properly set.
  • Use the Element Selection tool to select the elements you plan to convert.
  • Select the feature of the string you wish to convert from the right dropdown on the MX Conversion toolbar.
  • MX responds with a prompt asking if you wish to convert the selected elements to the feature specified. Choose YES to convert. If not prompted, then select the Convert Element button to obtain the Export Elements to MX panel. Select the appropriate Element Selection and then click OK to convert.
    export elements to mx dialog box

The element is moved to the level corresponding to the feature you select and an MX string is created.

The traffic light indicators are only used when you are creating elements. In this case, you are modifying an existing element's attributes so the traffic lights are grayed out.

To create an MX string using MicroStation tools:

  • Select the model in which you wish to create the string from the MX Conversion toolbar.
  • Select the type of feature you wish to create from the MX Conversion toolbar. Note that the level which corresponds to the feature becomes the active level.
  • Switch Autoconvert ON or OFF by clicking the toggle. If Autoconvert is ON, the MX string will be created as soon as you finish drawing the element. If Autoconvert is OFF, the element you draw remains a MicroStation element until you convert it to an MX string manually by selecting it and clicking the Convert Element button. The traffic light indicators show green if Autoconvert is on (ie, the level is active), and amber if Autoconvert is off (ie, the level is inactive).
  • Draw the element using MicroStation tools.
  • Manually convert the element if necessary.

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