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Adding Profiles

The NHProfile program is used to draw MX profiles that transfer to MicroStation. By default, the program is only designed to display two profiles, usually the proposed alignment and the existing ground at the proposed alignment's location. However, there are often circumstances where a third or forth profile is desired. These subsequent profiles can either be collinear or offset from the proposed alignment. Examples of this include a ramp profile, a ditch line profile or an existing road profile.

The Code Method

This method is fully contained within the MX side of drawing profiles. It requires working with drawing input files and the use of the MX Command Language.

  1. Enter MX. Use the NHProfile add-in to draw the profile of the reference string and the old ground as always. This add-in also creates a drawing input file so the drawing can be regenerated later without running this program again.
  2. Edit this drawing input file with a text editor (like PFE). Navigate to the bottom of the file and insert the following lines between the last 999 record and Major option Display:

    DRAW,Model One,Model Two
    826,String One,Reference String

    Where Model One is the model that contains String One (the subsequent profile string). Model Two is the reference model, it contains the Reference String and the old ground string. If all the strings of interest are in the same model, then the reference model may assume the roll of Model One and no Model Two is necessary. Use the 805 record to control the line color, this sample data sets it to ORANge. Save changes to the drawing input file.
  3. Repeat Step #2 for another subsequent profile or proceed to Step #4.
  4. Input the drawing input file in MX. This revision of the *.DPF should display the subsequent profile or profiles.

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