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ROW Property Layout Sheet

  1. Open the prjctMSTR.DGN in the prj/cutsheet/ directory and select the models buttonmodels button and pick the PL model or create one if it doesn't already exist.
  2. Reference Attach the prjctPXH drawing or the drawing that has your aerial photos attached. Attach interactive with No nesting, allow display overrides and most important make sure the Toggle - Display Raster References is ON.
  3. Use the NHREF macro from the NHDOT dropdown to attach all the project reference files.
  4. In the Reference manager box hit Settings > Update Sequence and make sure that the prjctPXH drawing or the drawing with your aerial photos is moved to the top of the list. This will ensure that the other drawings are drawn on top of the aerials and information will not be hidden.
  5. Use the Open RefLef macro to turn on and off the appropriate detail as well as the Level Display.
  6. Save settings and Save the drawing.
  7. Open MicroStation. Create a new drawing in the ROW subfolder called prjctPLx.dgn with the appropriate seed file (nhseedf2.dgn).
  8. Attach the previously created prjctmMSTR.dgn - PL model, set Live Nesting, nest depth to 1, the Display Overrides to Allow and Unselect Use Active Annotation Scale.
  9. The project detail will need to be scaled down/rotated to fit into the border. Double click on the reference file, scale and rotate it to match what was used in the front sheet or modify as needed.
  10. Using the nh50Bxx Tasks - Click and hold on --ROW Plans-- until the popup menu appears and click on ROW Border 1:1 - PLO and place the border on your screen and FitView.
  11. On your Level Display (Ctrl+E) Turn on the display of your County level.
  12. To add entries to the table use the Prop Lay Text from the Task list... Use Edit Text (word processor mode) to edit the scale and owner text appropriately.
  13. The variables (anything with a "$" in the text) will plot accurately using the NHDOT pen table that "reads" the project's .pcf file. To view these variables correctly, zoom into the area, open the Plot dialog box and select Preview.
  14. Using the Clip Boundary Task (place smartline, join elements) create a closed element encompassing the detail by tentatively snapping back onto the first point, set fill type - none and accept.
  15. Select Clip reference and accept.
  16. Fit View and Save Settings and Save.
  17. Copy any detail the needs to be the parcel numbers into the drawing and scale them up.

Printing the Property Layout Sheet

  1. level symbology dialog boxLevel Symbology is used to alter the display of elements on the drawing. It does not alter the elements themselves, just the way they are displayed. To adjust the level symbology settings, select Override from the Symbology dropdown menu on the Level Manager.
  2. To activate the symbology settings, check the Level Symbology box in the View Attributes dialog box.
  3. Select the 12345PL1.dgn name in the left window of the level manager, and in the right window select a level to make that window active. You can then select all the levels by Edit > Select All or by <ctrl>A.
  4. When you click in one of the columns for color, style or weight you can change the override. Color, Style and weight overrides are set to off so they are not forced, they retain their bylevel settings.
  5. Select the 12345MSTR.dgn in left window. Click a level in the right window and then <ctrl>A.
  6. Change the color override to 15 - white, and shut off the Style and weight overrides.
  7. Some level need their line style overridden to adjust the scale for viewing. Expand the MSTR drawings levels by clicking on the +. individual level can now be modified. Find the ROW, Property and Z line levels in the ERL dgn. Click in each levels style override and set to the actual line style. Then Right click > Properties > overrides and check the scale and adjust it until you can see the symbols.
  8. Any levels which were copied into the PL drawing will need to have their colors changed to 15 also.
  9. Under reference file hit on settings > update sequence and move the MSTR drawing to the top of the list. This will ensure that levels drawn in the PL drawing plot on top of the Aerial photo.
  10. When all levels appear correct define a fence around the drawing and hit plot.
  11. Use the OCECUTll65_pdf_PLO.pltcfg file and Print.
  12. Make sure you do a Save Setting and save.

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