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Plotting Bound Text

This page explains the Place Bound option of the Station-Offset macro.


Before attempting to use any of these routines, be sure to read the Introduction page.

station offset dialog boxPlace Bound is used to add annotation to an existing or proposed bound. By default, the macro will place ± symbols at all dimensions. If these are not needed, uncheck the Station plus/minus and/or Offset plus./minus box(es).

When you select the Place Bound command, you will be expected to identify the point that is to be referenced. This will typically be the center of an existing or proposed bound. Identify this point with a tentative snap (middle button) and confirm the selection by using a left-click on an unoccupied section of the drawing.

The macro will place a box representing the bound text on your cursor. By default, the leader line will be connected to the bottom left side of the box. To switch it to the right, click the right mouse button (Reset).

Place this box at a location on the drawing. At this time the box will be edited to display the proper station and offset values for the previously selected location. By default, the values will be displayed to 3 decimal places for metric projects and 2 decimal places on Imperial projects. This can be changed before selecting the Place Bound command.

Use a right-click to exit the Place Bound section of the macro and return to the main menu.

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