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MicroStation MDL Routines

These programs were not developed by NHDOT and are not available in the workspace files for download.

A number of MDL routines have been acquired for use in MicroStation. Descriptions of some of the more useful ones are listed below. MicroStation MDL programs are run by selecting MDL Applications from the Utilities menu. Select the desired program in the lower selection box and click the Load button.

Note: Most of these programs have been developed by other MicroStation users and are undocumented. Use them at you own risk.

alias manager

This mdl can be used as a device to extract key-in commands from the drafting tools. Once the mdl is loaded... choose Options > Extracting Icon/Menu Key-ins. The key-in commands will appear in the Aliased Input area of the Alias Manager.

atool text file

Tools for placing and calculating areas with text.

cellmod text file

Use cellmod to scale, rotate, align, or resize cells.

celltool text file

Tools for placing cells with additional functionality.

cellutil text file

Utility for plotting organizing cells. Cell library and design file have to match in dimension (2D or 3D).

civtools text file

Tools include: Place Contour, Label Contour, Place Coordinate, Modify Contours, Set Element Elevation, Place Spot Elevation.

InfoSnap pdf file

Instant access to element source, attributes, and data...
Instantly make those attributes active and quickly reuse them for new elements...
Perform instant navigation across reference files
Cleanup precious working area by automatically hiding or shrinking (and expanding) MicroStation dialog boxes on cursor flyover...


Developed by New York State DOT to modify selected text to current settings. Load the program with the key-in mdl load modtext. It includes a series of key-ins:

  • ny text align - to align selected text elements to current view
  • ny text resize - resize selected text elements to the current text size
  • ny text rotate - rotate selected text elements by the active angle
  • ny text scale - scale selected text elements by the active scale

modz text file

Dialog for modifying elevation of elements by single, fence, or all.


Plotting utility allows plotting of plot files (.000, .001 etc.).

rscrenum text file

Renumber the resource IDs for customizations.


Rotate cells, text, and text nodes about their origin.

setz text file

Alter elevation of single element or all elements.


Quick and easy revision cloud line generator.

steel text file

Updated steel section placement utility.

txt2node text file

Bulk loads single lines of text and converts them to multiline (textnode) text.

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