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Level Libraries

A set of MicroStation Level Definitions can be stored in a level structure file referred to as a Level Library. These libraries are identified with .CSV file extension.

This page outlines the following two procedures:

  1. Importing a Level Library
  2. Detaching a Level Library

Importing a Level Library creates levels in the drawing file (.dgn). These Levels can be shut off when attached as a Reference file. If the Level Library is Attached, then the levels are not actually created and they cannot be manipulated when the file is Referenced. Importing Level Libraries is preferred over Attaching them.

Importing a Level Library

  1. In MicroStation, open the Level Manager.
  2. From the Levels menu, select Import... to obtain the Import Levels panel. Level Manager looks like this.
  3. Select the desired Level Library file (.CSV). Download these files from the NHDOT File Library. They are stored in Refer to Drawing Names for the proper Level Library assignment for each NHDOT standard drawing.
  4. Click OK to return to the Level Manager panel.
  5. Click on the Update Levels button (the right most of the 3 buttons), this will set the correct default values for each level in the drawing.

The Library column of the Level Manager displays which Level Library that level comes from, but only when the Level Library is Attached. If the Library column is not present in Level Manager, then Right Click on any column header to include/exclude available Level Manager column options.

An Attached Level (Library) is not an Imported Level (Library). Therefore, if a Level Library is Attached, then it should be Detached (which erases unused Attached levels) and then Imported to actually create the levels.


Detaching a Level Library

  1. From the Levels menu of Level Manager, select Library > Detach... to obtain the Libraries panel.
  2. Select a Level Library file (.CSV) from the middle portion of this panel.

    level libraries dialog box
    The selected Level Library will highlight, as well as being displayed in the Name: box.
  3. Click OK to Detach the Level Library and return to the Level Manager panel.

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