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Filters can be used to modify which levels are displayed on the drawing. Libraries containing filter information have been developed for the BRD drawing in Bridge Design and for drawings using the Highway Design borders. In addition, users can create filters "on the fly" to find a level or a group of levels that have attributes in common - for example: level name, description and/or color.

Filters for Highway Design Borders | Filter Designations | Filters for "On the Fly" situations

For Highway Design Borders

  • To load the border filters:
    • Open the Level Manager.
    • Be sure either the currently open DGN file name or All Levels are highlighted in the left column.
    • In V8 only, Select Levels > Import. In V8i and later versions, filters are automatically attached and do not need to be imported.
    • Change the List Files of Type to MicroStation Library Files (*.dgnlib). Navigate to the dgnlib folder of the MicroStation workspace and select BorderFilters.dgnlib.
    • Select OK. The Border Filters are now loaded.
      import levels dialog box
  • To use the filters:
    • Open the Level Display.
    • Highlight the currently open DGN file name
    • Select the View Number of the window where the cut sheet is located.
    • Set the Levels/Filters toggle to Filters.
    • Highlight the filter of choice, for example:FS:ROW (Front Sheet - ROW).
      Note: If the desired information doesn't show up on your cut sheet, unhighlight and highlight the filter again (there seems to be a glitch somewhere). Understand that this will turn all other levels off in the DGN except those meeting the filter requirements. Other level for barscales and plan stamps will need to be turned on separately.

back to topFilter Designations

First Facet:

CS: - Cut Sheet
FS: - Front Sheet
ROW PLO - ROW Property Layout
ROW Sum: ROW Summary For Excel
ROW Sum(I - Imperial, M - Metric): ROW Summary

Second Facet:

Brd: - Bridge
Hwy: - Highway
MiscBur: - Bureaus of than those listed
MiscBur.BoEnviron: - Bureau of Environment
MiscBur.BoROW: - Bureau of ROW
MiscBur.BoTraffic: - Bureau of Traffic
Const: - Construction Plans
MunHwy: - Front sheets needing Munc. Hwy signature
ROW: - ROW cutsheets
Wetlands: - Wetlands cutsheets


CS:Hwy:Const - Highway Construction Cut Sheets
FS:ROW - ROW Front Shee
CS:MiscBur.BoTraffic - Bureau of Traffic Cut Sheets (for work not done in conjunction with Highway Design, etc.)

back to topFor "On the Fly" Situations

  • Open the Level Manager.
  • Right click on Filters in left column. Choose New from the menu. Either name the filter (ex. Poles) or just Enter.
  • A yellow row will appear in the Level Manager. In any column add level criteria. For example, in the Description column type pole. Every Description with the word "pole" will be listed.

Using standard "operators" like: *, |, <, >, =>, =<, a user can pare down a list even more. See list below (from MicroStation v8 Update manual). Notice the different column headings and which operators work with which columns.

filter level expressions

Other "operators" not mentioned/clarified:

  • ? - one character
  • * - zero or more characters
  • ! - not equal to

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