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Existing Detail Drawings

Existing Detail Drawings - EDD EDU ENV EXD EXF SUE SSD TXT

AIR - Existing Aerial Survey Detail

  • All ground data obtained from aerial surveys.
  • Naming convention same as EXD with additional Obscured levels. 

EDD - Existing Digitized Detail

  • Plan Surface Detail created from tracing over scanned paper plans or aerial photos.
  • NON Survey data only.

EDU - Existing Digitized Utilities

  • Utility Detail created from tracing/drafting primarily subsurface information from Utility Verification plans.
  • Attach SUE.dgn files as Reference files and copy the SUE data into this drawing for display on construction plans.
  • Copy EXD drainage pipes here to be edited based on as-built plans or designers best guess for pipe connections.  Use these edited pipes for display on construction plans. 

ENV - Environmental Delineations

  • Environmental Delineations transferred from the EXD.dgn by Plan Prep, as well as any additional specific survey info from delineation flags.
  • GIS generated shape file delineation should be attached, copied in, and re-symbolized by type.
  • All delineations and labels shall be provided, modified, and/or approved by the Bureau of Environment.
  • Rotation of labels for cut sheet orientation can be done design personnel. 

EXD - Existing Detail

  • Surveyed Detail only. Created by Plan Prep transferring MX processed survey detail to a 2D drawing.
  • Subsequent survey requests will be combined with original data by Plan Prep.  
  • Overlapped detail areas to be deleted without being copied to the SSD.dgn by Plan Prep only.
  • Detail deleted based on field reviews by design personnel and others should first be copied into the SSD.dgn with notes identifying who deleted it, the date and any explanation deemed appropriate.

EXF - Existing Field Check Detail

  • Contains Field check data from Plan Prep as well as any additional detail obtained from design related field trips.
  • Contains Text levels as well as the detail.

SUE - Subsurface Utility Engineering

  • Surveyed Utility Detail of information originating from a consultant processed by plan prep.
  • Can be multiple drawing of separate surveys.
  • Should be attached to the EDU.dgn and the most applicable information copied into EDU for inclusion on the plan sets.
  • SUE Levels - Description and Explanation

SSD - SuperSeeded Existing Detail

  • Detail no longer applicable copied from other detail drawings with notes identifying who deleted it, the date and any explanation deemed appropriate.
  • Primarily intended for Superseeded Survey Detail to explain why the MX Survey Models differ from the generated microstation EXD, EDU (SUE), or TXT drawings.

TXT - Existing Text

  • Text created by Plan Prep based on information from the survey books.
  • Outdated text to be copied to the SSD.dgn prior to deletion.

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